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Bryan Staley

President and CEO
Environmental Research and Education Foundation

Dr. Bryan Staley currently serves as President and CEO of the Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF), one of the largest sources of industry data, research funding, and scholarships related to solid waste management. He joined the EREF in 2008, where he started as vice-president of environmental programs, and has 26 years of experience in the environmental engineering field (with 17 of these years related to solid waste). He is licensed Professional Engineer and is recognized nationally as technical expert in sustainable solid waste management issues. He holds degrees from N.C. State University (PhD, B.S.) and the University of Tennessee (M.S.).

Dr. Staley has also held key positions in consulting firms as a project manager and vice-president of engineering where he managed projects ranging from solid waste management, wastewater treatment system design, to retail/commercial land development and environmental management of large-scale livestock operations.