Bradley Wahlen | AIChE

Bradley Wahlen

Research Scientist
Idaho National Laboratory

Dr. Bradley D. Wahlen has been a staff scientist in the Biological Processing Group at Idaho National Laboratory since 2014. He holds baccalaureate and doctorate degrees in biochemistry from Idaho State University and Utah State University, respectively. Brad has a background in microbial metabolism, enzymology, biochemical characterization, mineral processing and biomass preprocessing. Brad is currently working on challenges related to algae biomass and herbaceous feedstock logistics. The algae research is focused on maintaining dry matter and quality in storage operations to overcome seasonal variations in productivity. The lignocellulosic biomass research is focused on reducing recalcitrance and costs associated with producing fuels and chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass. Brad is also interested in biotechnologies to enhance water and material recovery from a variety of industrial processes.