Ashwin Dhanasekar | AIChE

Ashwin Dhanasekar

Research Manager
The Water Research Foundation

Ashwin Dhanasekar is a Research Manager at The Water Research Foundation. He manages various projects at WRF focused on Energy Management, Resource Recovery, Carbon Redirection, GHG reduction, Biosolids and Water Reuse. He is integral in planning research around the Energy-Water Nexus at Water and Wastewater Utilities. Previously, Ashwin was the Assistant Director at the Center for Energy-Water Sustainability at CSU. Ashwin has over 10 years of experience working in various roles in the water sector, ranging from industrial water reuse, groundwater monitoring, stormwater network design, beneficial reuse of produced water and integrated water management. Ashwin is also a co-founder of Ajax Analytics Inc., an environmental monitoring service provider for communities.  Ashwin has a B.S in Chemical Engineering from Anna University, India and an M.S in Environmental Engineering from Colorado State University.