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Anthony Butterfield

University of Utah

Dr. Anthony Butterfield received his BS and PhD from the University of Utah and his MS degree from the University of California, San Diego, each in the field of chemical engineering.  He has worked for the US Bureau of Mines, BD Medical, and several start-ups, primarily in the area of biochemical engineering.  Dr. Butterfield has been a faculty member at the University of Utah for seven years, and currently serves as a board member of ASEE's Chemical Engineering Division.  He has made many impactful contributions to chemical engineering education including Freshman Design Laboratories, online virtual teaching tools, and microcontrollers in chemical engineering curriculum.  He has also created an exemplary outreach program for chemical engineering departments.  Dr. Butterfield has excelled in attracting new students to our profession through outreach, retaining and educating those students through innovative teaching methods and advising, and aiding them on to rewarding chemical engineering careers.