Andre Nel | AIChE

Andre Nel


Dr. Nel's chief research interests are: (i) Nanomedicine and Nanobiology, including nanomaterial therapeutic devices and the study of nanomaterial properties that lead to biocompatible and biohazardous interactions in humans and the environment; (ii) The role of air pollutants in asthma, with particular emphasis on the role of ultrafine particle-induced oxidative stress in the generation of airway inflammation and asthma. The research is funded by personal RO1 grants from the NIH, the NIAID-funded Asthma and Immunology Disease Clinical Research Center, an EPA STAR award, a $24 million NSF award for a NSF Science Engineering Center. Dr Nel is Director of the UC Center for the Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology (CEIN), Director of the UCLA Asthma and Immunology Disease Center, Co-Director of the Southern California Particle Center, and Co-Director of the UCLA Nanomachine Center. The Nanomachine Center (four co-PI?s) develops and utilizes smart nanoparticle delivery systems that can target and control drug release at cancer and disease sites. The mission of the multi-campus UC CEIN is to develop an early warning system for nanomaterial hazards and safe design, particularly as it relates to interactions with biological systems and ecological life forms.