Amy E. Theis, P.E. | AIChE

Amy E. Theis, P.E.

Amy E. Theis, P.E., is the Director of Onsite Safety Services at Fauske & Associates, LLC (FAI; Burr Ridge, IL; Email: In her current role, she is responsible for coordinating all onsite risk management projects for a variety of safety hazards, such as combustible dust, flammability, chemical process safety, and reactive chemicals. Her areas of expertise include facilitating and supporting PHAs, performing dust hazard analyses (DHAs) according to relevant National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, and managing the development and implementation of clients’ hazard management programs. She has a strong background in hazard identification and quantification across a variety of industries through her previous position as manager of chemical testing at FAI. She received her BS in chemical engineering from the Univ. of Iowa in 1998. A member of AIChE, she is a past chair of the Safety and Health Div. and continues to be an active member of the division.