Ambika Selvaraj | AIChE

Ambika Selvaraj

Assistant Professor
IIT Hyderabad, India

Dr. Ambika S is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, India Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Telangana. She got her Bachelors degree in civil engineering and Masters degree in environmental engineering. During her Ph.D. at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, she worked on 'Sustainable, Iron-based Treatment Systems for Hexavalent Chromium and Toxic-Organics Removal, which is the first of its kind with respect to the focus given on mitigating the impacts of the existing field scale implementation. During her Post Doctoral research at IIT Madras, she worked on 'Beneficial Resource Recovery from Industrial Waste' which focused on applying 3R's concept in a sustainable way. Her research has received considerable attention both here and abroad in the conferences and got published in top journals.  

Dr. Ambika is passionate about her research, transfer the knowledge to students/scholars and apply the research in solving real-time social issues. The strategy of her teaching is to inspire students by connecting theory with practical scenarios so that students will be masters in fundamentals and implement their knowledge in solving current environmental issues.

The emphasis of Dr. Ambika's research and teaching are on clean technologies and sustainable development in water quality engineering and energy-environmental management. Her current research is focused on

  • sustainable and cleaner technologies in civil and environmental engineering,
  • applications and implications of nanotechnology,
  • industrial waste management focusing waste to wealth/energy concepts, and
  • Optimization of Systems and Strategies in Contaminated-Site Remediation.

She has handled  more than 25 industrial and consultancy projects dealing with

  • Environmental and Energy Audit of Industry
  • Vetting of water treatment plants
  • Vetting of design, monitoring, performance evaluation and Augmentation of STPs
  • Design Verification of Sewer Network

Dr. Ambika was the only women to receive the prestigious WARI fellowship in 2016 to conduct research at Dr. Yusong Li's lab, University of Nebraska, the USA for 6 months. She has published her research in top journals such as Water Research, Journal of Cleaner Production and Journal of Chemical Engineering. Dr. Ambika is a reviewer for the leading environmental sustainability journals including Journal of Hazardous Materials, Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering.