Abdou Kane | AIChE

Abdou Kane

Chief AI Officer

+12 years background in AI, digital and Data strategy. Award-winning AI-driven projects. IT and Solution architect at ErDF, SG and BnP Paribas banks.

 PhD in Applied Mathematics at the French Atomic Agency. Master's degree in Materials Physics. 

 As a former Data Science Manager at L'Oréal Research and Innovation, for 3 years, Abdou went through developing from scratch AI-based toolboxes for cosmetic labs.

 During this journey, He led the team which fully developed/deployed cutting-edge tools with access provided up to 500 researchers worldwide, allowing to save over 100 million dollars each year, enhancing collaboration across continents and dividing by 6 the time to create formula recipes.

 Today Abdou leads the development of next-generation software that embed Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs, and Big Data features to assist/augment R&D chemists, and labs.