ScaleUp Sponsors Essay Contest Travel Award for the Annual Student Conference

ScaleUp Sponsors Essay Contest Travel Award for the Annual Student Conference

Under the aegis of AIChE and its ScaleUp Program, ScaleUp corporate sponsors are awarding $500 scholarships which may be used as travel stipends for this year's AIChE Annual Student Conference. To qualify, students must have a declared major in chemical engineering and complete a written essay on one of the following topics as determined by the corporate sponsor:


August 1, 2017
Award Administrator(s): 

$500 scholarships which may be used as travel stipends for this year’s AIChE Annual Student Conference.  


Submit an essay (500 words maximum) in response to one of the below ScaleUp Sponsor essay questions by completing the AIChE ScaleUp Sponsors Essay Contest Form

Essays must be submitted in MSWord format, with the author's name, school, and email address on the first page of the essay.

The deadline for submission is Tuesday, August 1, 2017.  


2017 Essay Topics



As a chemical engineer, what are your ideas for improving process safety in industry? What progress can you make towards these improvements in the first year following your graduation?  What challenges will you face?



What roles do you see chemical engineers playing in ensuring globally responsible and sustainable development of economy and society?



This is an exciting time in human development with technology accelerating at a feverish pace.  When you think of all of the new technologies on the horizon, which one will have the greatest impact on chemical engineering?  What are the potential benefits and concerns that may accompany the implementation of that new technology?



The world of personal mobility has seen dramatic changes over the past 10 years, with hybridized drivetrains, electrical vehicles, crowd-shared car fleets, crowd-sourced taxi services, etc.  What will the daily commute look like by 2035 and what role can Chemical Engineers play in making your prediction a reality?


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Award Winners

Maxwell Maritato
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Dow Essay Winner)
Jonah Williams
Rutgers University (UOP Essay Winner)
Mary Holleran
Tulane University (Chevron Essay Winner)
Jordan Montgomery
Arizona State University (Chevron Essay Winner)
Aaron Lindsay
New Mexico State University (UOP Essay Winner)
Aini Palizhati
North Carolina State University (Chevron Essay Winner)
Emmanuelle Wango
Prairie View A&M University (Chevron Essay Winner)
John Hursh
University of Florida (Dow Essay Winner)
Tarynn Huitt
Rowan University (UOP Essay Winner)
Sam Albert
Oregon State University (Chevron Essay Winner)
Joshua Schley
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (Dow Essay Winner)
Michael Richards
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (Chevron Essay Winner)
Ingrid Paredes
Rutgers University (DuPont Essay Winner)