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NAMF Student Award

The NAMF Student Award was established to encourage, recognize and reward students for quality research in the area of mixing. Any graduate or undergraduate student doing research in the field of Fluid Mixing at an accredited University in North America is eligible. An applicant must submit a paper (as for a journal publication in electronic form) describing his or her work in mixing to the NAMF Student Awards Committee Chair (see below).


The winner(s) will be notified during the conference and each winner will be presented with a certificate and an award of $500 at the NAMF Award Banquet. NAMF will cover both the travel expenses (reasonable value) and the registration fees (at the student rate, which requires sharing a room) for the finalist(s).

DeadlineMarch 12, 2015
AdministratorsNorth American Mixing Forum (NAMF)
PresentationEach selected finalist will be invited to present his or her paper at the next North American Mixing Conference.
Nomination Instructions

Each applicant’s paper must be received by Monday March 12, 2013. The paper should conform to the following format:

  1. Cover letter: Title of Work, Name(s) and Address(es) of Author(s)
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction (Acquaint the reviewer with the area of study)
  4. Theory or Model Development (Theoretical basis of work)
  5. Experimental Set-up/Procedures
  6. Results and Discussion
  7. Conclusions/Recommendations
  8. References

A previous winner of this award may compete again, but will not be eligible for the travel expenses and the registration fees for the conference, even if selected as a finalist.

Note: Those applicants who have already submitted abstract(s) in response to the abstract request for the NAMF Meeting are also eligible to participate.

Submit applications to the Chair of the NAMF Student Award Committee: Richard K. Grenville, DuPont Engineering Technology, 1007 Market Street (D5054), Wilmington, DE 19898, ph: 302-774-2256, fax: 302-774-2457, e-mail: Final selection will be based on the submitted paper and the presentation at the NAMF Conference.

Members of the NAMF Student Award Committee as well as a pre-selected group of NAMF members attending the Conference will select the winner(s) after all finalists have presented their papers at the conference. The Award Committee’s decision is final and NOT subject to review by anyone.

SponsorsRohm & Haas

Award winners

  • Paul Rueger

  • Justin Walker
    University of Maryland

  • Clara Ford
    University of British Columbia

  • Gustavo Padron
    University of Maryland

  • Maria Soledad Córdova-Aguilar
    Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

  • Vesselina Roussinova
    University of Alberta

  • Genwen Zhou
    University of Alberta