George Klinzing Best PhD Award

This award recognizes an outstanding dissertation by an individual who has earned a doctoral degree. The dissertation can be in any discipline in the physical, biomedical or engineering sciences, with particle science and engineering as its focus. The award is contingent on a candidate meeting the above criteria and may not be awarded every year.

Selection criteria:

  1. Nominee must be a current member of AIChE-PTF at time of nomination and have not won another PTF award in previous three calendar years
  2. An outstanding original dissertation, with relevance to particle technology
  3. The nominee must have received a doctoral degree within the last three calendar years prior to the year the award is given (2014- current)
  4. Based only on the contributions made during the course of PhD
April 30, 2017
Award Administrator(s): 

Award consists of $500, a plaque, and two tickets to PTF award dinner.


Nomination procedure and package contents:

•      Initial nomination must be from dissertation advisor, who needs to be a current PTF member and need to be submitted no later than April 30, 2017 and can be made here

•      Full nomination package is due latest by May 20, 2017 and should consist of a single PDF file that contains all of the following items to be sent to Mayank Kashyap,

1.      Filled nomination form (a blank form which will be sent to you after your nomination is received)

2.      A letter of nomination from the dissertation advisor, must be a current PTF member, should include a critical review stating the value of the dissertation in terms of its originality, significance, and potential applications in the field of particle science and technology. It should also convey how doctoral research contributed to a significant advance or breakthrough in particle technology that will last for a long time. The supporting letters may focus on any of these attributes.

3.      An extended abstract of up to six pages including a list of refereed publications resulting directly from that dissertation.

4.      At least three and no more than four supporting letters (not counting the nomination letter from the dissertation advisor), all of which must be from institutions outside the one granting the dissertation. One of the letters must be from industry. 

5.      If the nominee has previously received any award from AIChE or one of its divisions/forums, an explicit statement of new accomplishments or work over and above those cited for the earlier award(s) must be included (max. of one double spaced page).

Award Winners

Mo Jiang
Maxx Capece
Meenesh Singh
Asep Nandiyanto
Jia Wei Chew
Mayank Kashyap
Deliang Shi
Fanxing Li
Luis Hakim
Janine Galvin
Mahesh Iyer
Griselda Bonilla
Stephen Conway
Ecevit Bilgili
Stephen Tallon
Himanshu Gupta
R. Agnihotri