CPFD PTF Student Travel Grant Awards

This award supports up to four students who are attending the AIChE Annual Meeting and presenting in one of the Particle Technology Forum Sessions. It aims to support early registration to the Annual Meeting and one ticket to the PTF Awards Dinner. In addition, this award is intended to encourage the winners for future engagement in the PTF community. The awards are contingent on a candidate meeting the criteria and all four awards may not be granted every year.

Selection Criteria

  1. Applicant must be a current graduate student who is or whose advisor is a member of the Particle Technology Forum and the student is planning to present a paper at the meeting (regardless of receipt of the award); and
  2. The student has already submitted her/his abstract for the Annual Meeting and plans on attending (regardless of support); and
  3. No more than one application per research group/advisor is submitted (advisors are urged to encouraged their best applicant to apply)
  4. Selection will be based on: (a) The quality of title/abstract; (b) Timeliness (current hot topic) and relevance of presentation with regard to particle technology; (c)  Perceived student independence; (d) Perceived student ability to increase inclusion, diversity from underrepresented groups; (e) Perceived or expressed financial need.
  5. Students applying for the award must be at least 21 years of age at the date of the PTF Awards Dinner.
June 10, 2019
Award Administrator(s): 

Award consists of support for early registration to the Annual Meeting and one ticket to the PTF Awards Dinner.

The student must make the presentation as submitted for this award at the 2019 Annual Meeting by herself/himself.

Self-submission should include, in a single .pdf, a letter from the student including their title/abstract and session of the presentation, letter of support from the student's advisor and the student's cv (limited to five page; preferably two pages). Nominations should be sent to gilchrist@lehigh.edu with the subject "CPFD Student Travel Grant". Submissions should be done soon after the abstract is submitted but no later than June 10, 2019.

Award Winners

Guanhe Rim
Farnaz Rad
Kuriakose Kunnath
Clara Hartmanshenn