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Jeanenne LaMarsh

Jeanenne LaMarsh works in a consultative capacity with organizations committed to effective organizational change. She is internationally recognized as an expert in helping companies to implement successful change. Jeanenne works with senior management, key change agents, and people who need to change; helping them to understand change and build effective change management strategies.

Jeanenne founded LaMarsh & Associates in 1979 as a firm that addresses the human factors that support successful change. While serving as both a consultant and teacher of the Managed Change™ model to LaMarsh & Associates clients, Jeanenne has certified over 700 Masters of Managed Change™ throughout the world: people in LaMarsh & Associate’ clients who can teach and consult as an extension of LaMarsh & Associates and as an internal resource to their organizations.

Jeanenne’s most recent book, Surviving the Delta State, will be published in late 2009. Master Change, Maximize Success, co-authored with Rebecca Potts, is published by Chronicle in the United States and Duncan Baird in London. To date it has been translated into seven languages around the world. Her first book on change and change management, Changing the Way We Change, is published by Addison-Wesley. In addition, she has written numerous articles and book chapters and is a frequent contributor to conferences in a variety of industries.