Jack D. Law | AIChE

Jack D. Law

Aqueous Separation and Radiochemistry Department Manager
Idaho National Laboratory

Jack D. Law is a Nuclear Science and Technology Directorate Fellow and Manager of the Aqueous Separations and Radiochemistry Department at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). During his 32-year career at INL, Jack has focused much of his effort on the development of advanced separation processes for the treatment of used nuclear fuel and highly radioactive tank wastes. He has developed and tested novel separation equipment and has demonstrated, at the laboratory and pilot-scale, numerous solvent extraction processes for the separation of actinides, lanthanides and fission products using actual and simulated waste solutions. Jack also spent several years as Lead Test Engineer for Startup of the Liquid Effluent Treatment and Disposal Facility at INL.

Jack received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from Montana State University in 1984. He is currently a US representative to the NEA/OECD Expert Working Group in Fuel Recycling Chemistry and is an Advisory Board member for the Actinide Separations Conference. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles, has been awarded ten US patents, and is a 2016 recipient of the INL Laboratory Director’s Award for Individual Lifetime Achievement in Science and Technology.