(140a) Benefits of Designing Product Development Experiments with AI | AIChE

(140a) Benefits of Designing Product Development Experiments with AI


Cardin, M., Prosensus
Nguyen, A., Prosensus
Gone are the days where a small group of domain experts plan single factor or simple mixture DOEs, and then patiently wait for these experiments to be scheduled into busy laboratories or pilot plants. R&D teams across many industries are embracing AI-powered tools to transform workflows and accelerate innovation.

This presentation will demonstrate the benefits of designing experiments with FormuSense. ProSensus developed FormuSense to be a streamlined implementation of our proven product development framework, which is centered around multivariate analysis.

A foods dataset (of baked goods) will examined in FormuSense to discuss the intuitive visualizations and features available that help formulators rapidly understand key correlations among and between ingredient properties, formulation ratios, process conditions, and final quality. The no-code platform will be used to suggest a small number of useful experiments to explore new or underrepresented regions of the design space.


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