(77j) Memorial to Doug Leng, Mentor and Friend | AIChE

(77j) Memorial to Doug Leng, Mentor and Friend


Forster, A. V. - Presenter, AVF Consulting, LLC
Many of us know Doug Leng for his long carrier as a PhD, Chemical Engineering Mixing Study Expert, and the many contributions he made to the field. Doug worked for the Dow Chemical Company for over 40 years. But I have known Doug for around 50 years, first working for and with him on a non-Newtonian, Fermentation Mixing Study (in the 70’s), intended to increase the production of the Tuberculosis Treatment medication, Rifampicin, produced by a mycelial Streptomycin bacteria. I will talk a little about that study, but I would also like to cover an AICHE event we traveled to and attended together in Chicago, as well as his love of sailing the North Channel of Lake Huron. Over the years, Doug and I also chaired our local AICHE Section. We also preferred using Apple Mac Computers over Widows PC’s and chaired those in town clubs as well. The intent of this presentation is not to focus just on Doug’s professional career, but on his interests outside of The Dow Chemical Company.