American Institute Of Chemical Engineers Honors Shariq Yosufzai With Industrial Leadership Award

November 17, 2010

NEW YORK – In a ceremony during its Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City last week, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) presented its inaugural Industrial Leadership Award to S. Shariq Yosufzai, vice president, Chevron Corporation. The award recognizes individuals or teams working in the industries served by chemical engineers, for leadership and accomplishment in activities including: management; sales and marketing; public, community, and industrial relations; commercial and business development, training, or public service. Yosufzai received the award for his leadership over the past 35 years and for creating three startup companies in a Fortune 15 company. 

In making the presentation, Robert Davis of the University of Colorado, Boulder, who chairs AIChE’s Awards Committee, recounted how Yosufzai, as a chemical engineering graduate of Texas A&M University, joined Texaco’s Port Arthur refinery as a process engineer in 1975, taking on management roles of increasing responsibility through the 1980s. 
In the 1990s, as vice president of Caltex Petroleum, Yosufzai took the organization from regional to global, and as president of Caltex Lubricants, he made successful market entries of gas and power and liquefied petroleum gas in Asia.
In 2001, Yosufzai created a start-up lubricant company from the merger of Chevron, Caltex and Texaco, and, in 2004, he built Chevron’s Global Marketing start-up — combining Chevron’s refining and marketing operations, and establishing $52 billion in revenue and a presence in 90 countries. 
Yosufzai’s leadership has led to the successful commercialization of products such as the gasoline additive “Techron.” Accomplishments such as increasing Chevron Global Marketing’s safety performance by 150 percent over seven years, and finding cost savings of over $300 million in a single year are “further testaments to his leadership,” Davis explained. 
Davis also saluted Yosfuzai’s support of minority engineers in chemical engineering and the oil and fuels industry, reflecting his belief that diversity of thought and perspective leads to a stronger, more competitive company. He has also made many contributions to AIChE, helping to establish and lead the Societal Impact Operating Council and championing Chevron’s support of AIChE — including a “Platinum Sponsorship” of AIChE’s student member program.

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