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AIChE Establishes Food Engineering, Expansion and Development Institute

August 2, 2021

The America Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) has announced the creation of the Food Engineering, Expansion and Development (FEED) Institute — a new global community of food technologists and engineers from industry, academia, government, and national labs, dedicated to advancing food safety and innovation. The new entity will support the application of engineering techniques, technologies, and expertise across the food industries.

With a focus on safety, sustainability, and the implementation of emerging technologies, the FEED Institute seeks to expand the influence of chemical engineers — who have traditionally supported the food industries through their contributions to fertilizers, crop protection, sterilization, and innovations in processing and packaging — to new areas. These include the implementation of new technologies that optimize manufacturing processes, promote safe practices, enable the development of new food products, and improve sustainability across the supply chain. Accelerating these advances will require the engagement of the entire food science and engineering community.

Chemical engineers and allied engineers and scientists with interest in the food industries can join the FEED Institute as members, and can become involved with the FEED community at a slate of AIChE conferences related to food. Upcoming conferences for the remainder of 2021 include the 3rd Emerging Meat Alternatives Conference, Oct. 6–7, 2021, in Aarhus, Denmark; and the 4th Food Innovation and Engineering (FOODIE) Conference, Dec. 6–7, 2021, in Davis, CA. Members of the FEED Institute receive discounts on registration for both events, as well as additional member benefits.

For more information about membership and the activities of the FEED Institute, visit

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