AIChE American Institute of Chemical Engineers Launches Center for Energy Initiatives

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Launches Center for Energy Initiatives

July 12, 2010

The Board of Directors of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) has approved the formation of a Center for Energy Initiatives. In announcing the Center, AIChE President Henry “Hank” T. Kohlbrand said: “AIChE members are already working on energy-related issues from multiple perspectives. The new Center will help us network and ‘cross-fertilize’ and integrate ideas that can advance energy efforts across the board.”

Kohlbrand, who has just retired as global research and development director in engineering and process sciences for Dow Chemical, reported that one of the Center’s first activities will be conducting the First International Congress on Energy: Sustaining Supplies. The Congress will run in conjunction with AIChE’s Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, this November 7-12.

The Center grew out of the work of AIChE’s Energy Advisory Board, which was formed in 2005, and has already undertaken a number of research and education projects. It has coordinated a project on carbon management for a group of leading engineering societies, made awards for K-12 energy education projects, and developed a “Speakers Academy” of energy experts. Work is underway on an inter-society, inter-disciplinary project to develop energy metrics that will allow for consistent comparison of diverse energy options. The Center is also developing energy education modules for the undergraduate chemical engineering curriculum.

Membership in the Center is automatic for members of AIChE who are also members of several AIChE divisions and forums in the energy arena. For more information, visit

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