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Center for Hydrogen Safety Announces Memorandum of Understanding with Korea Gas Safety Corporation

July 5, 2022

NEW YORK CITY —The Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) — a technical community within the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and a global organization leading the safe advancement of hydrogen as the next-generation fuel — has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS). KGS is South Korea’s only gas safety agency dedicated to protecting citizens and property, while contributing to the development of the county’s gas industry. The MoU was signed on June 21, 2022, by Nick Barilo, Director of the CHS, and Haejong Lim, President and Chief Executive Officer of KGS, during a meeting of the two organizations held at AIChE’s global headquarters in New York City.

Under the agreement, the two organizations will exchange technical and experiential hydrogen safety knowledge and share in the promotion of safety culture. The collaboration will include projects and workshops that detail best practices and lessons learned from safety incidents, as well as other mutually beneficial activities in the area of hydrogen safety.

The MoU with KGS represents the latest partnership in CHS’s global mission to support the safe and timely rollout of critical hydrogen infrastructure and its safe deployment and adoption.

“The CHS is pleased to formalize this partnership with KGS," Barilo said. We are thrilled that they are part of our growing network of international organizations —all dedicated to sharing and adopting the smartest strategies and best safety practices for the emerging hydrogen transition.”Barilo commended KGS for joining the network, and emphasized that “it is only through these collaborations with knowledgeable people and organizations that we will enable the world’s stakeholders to accelerate the safe and timely adoption of hydrogen and realize its full potential.”

The Center for Hydrogen Safety supports the safe advancement of hydrogen as a sustainable energy carrier to its global corporate partners by facilitating access to hydrogen safety experts; developing comprehensive safety guidance, outreach and education materials; and providing a forum to partner on world-wide technical solutions. In addition, CHS provides expertise in hydrogen safety through its Hydrogen Safety Panel resource, which has reviewed more than 400 projects with the goal of helping hydrogen industries attain a record of excellence in safety.

CHS is one of several technology communities operated by AIChE that shares technical and safety information and resources with diverse users. AIChE and CHS also facilitate education and consistent application of technical and safety standards through courses, conferences, publications, and online tools.

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