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Nance is Named Editor-in Chief of Bioengineering & Translational Medicine Journal

June 12, 2023

Elizabeth Nance, the Jagjeet and Janice Bindra Endowed Career Development Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies at the University of Washington, has been selected as the new Editor-in-Chief of Bioengineering and Translational Medicine (BioTM) journal. Published by Wiley in partnership with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and its Society for Biological Engineering (SBE), BioTM documents the ways in which chemical and biological engineering approaches drive innovative technologies that advance clinical practice as well as commercial healthcare products. In her new role, Nance succeeds BioTM’s founding Editor-in-Chief, Samir Mitragotri (Wyss Institute, Harvard University), who had served in that role since the publication’s launch in March 2016.

In accepting the appointment, Nance said “I am excited to build upon the foundation established by Samir Mitragotri and the BioTM editorial board. In my role as Editor-in-Chief, I want to lead BioTM to be the gold-standard journal in the field by publishing rigorous, high-quality, equitable, and appropriately contextualized translational technologies that will have real-world impact in medicine.” 

Among her objectives for the publication, Nance and the editorial team aim to increase submissions and peer review involvement beyond the U.S. and Asia by engaging chemical engineers, early-career engineers and scientists, clinicians, and industry and government-based professionals around the world. 

Mirroring the translational medicine field’s growth, and to accommodate a recent rise in article submissions, Nance notes that BioTM is increasing its publications frequency from four issues per year to six issues per year. “In June 2023, we will release our first bimonthly virtual special issue, which will complement our regular issues to raise awareness around high priority or rapidly evolving areas of technological innovation,” says Nance. She adds that, through the regular article submission process and through the special issues, BioTM also seeks to identify and publish manuscripts that feature technological innovation representing underserved populations or applications.

“BioTM is still a relatively young journal,” says Nance, “and our growth brings new opportunities to refine the scope of work published in BioTM.” She adds that the partnership with AIChE and SBE brings a unique opportunity to draw upon the evolving role of chemical and bioengineers in the translational medicine space. “Many of our colleagues work at the intersection of multiple disciplines — and this provides us with a foundation to achieve BioTM’s mission of translating engineering technology for clinical use, as we continue to engage our community in peer review and publishing.” 

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