U.S. and German Organizations Team with Hong Kong University To Sponsor Meeting on Sustainable Energy in the Process Industries

April 18, 2011

New York & Frankfurt – The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and DECHEMA, the German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, are co-sponsoring the first Global Conference on Energy Sustainability in the Process Industries from June 5 to 8 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. According to conference co-chair, Thomas Dietrich, CEO of Mikroglas, based in Mainz, Germany, organizers developed the program given that “diminishing fossil fuel reserves and concerns over climate change are driving industries and governments to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.” 

On Monday, June 6, C.J. Guo, Shell’s Beijing-based emerging technology theme lead, will deliver the keynote address, highlighting the long-term prospects for fossil-fuel resources, the impact of biofuels on transportation, the role of carbon capture and sequestration, and the diversity of energy sources needed to meet global demand. Sessions through the rest of the conference will define research needs, examine recent technical advances, and discus strategies for implementing energy-saving solutions across a range of industries: electronics, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Speakers from China, Denmark, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands and the U.S. are among those scheduled. 
“Hearing the diverse perspectives and policy objectives of different countries, organizations and industries can help us identify global engineering solutions and coordinated strategies,” Dietrich explained. “Attendees will hear perspectives they’d miss in a narrowly focused or industry-specific meeting,’ he added. 

About DECHEMA DECHEMA Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology is a non-profit scientific and technical organization based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It has more than 5,800 private and institutional members, including scientists, engineers, companies, universities and institutes. Supported by more than 100 working parties, DECHEMA’s activities cover a wide variety of fields of chemical engineering and biotechnology. High priority topics include energy and resource-efficient production and contributions of chemical engineering and biotechnology to the energy supply of the future. More information is available at www.dechema.de. About AIChE: AIChE is a professional society of more than 40,000 chemical engineers in 92 countries. Its members work in corporations, universities and government using their knowledge of chemical processes to develop safe and useful products for the benefit of society. Through its varied programs, AIChE continues to be a focal point for information exchange on the frontier of chemical engineering research in such areas as nanotechnology, sustainability, hydrogen fuels, biological and environmental engineering, and chemical plant safety and security. More information about AIChE is available at www.aiche.org.