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AIChE Establishes The Climate Solutions Community

March 31, 2019

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), through its technical entity the Institute for Sustainability (IfS) and in cooperation with other AIChE entities, has established a Climate Solutions Community — a global collaboration that will bring together the expertise of a diversity of engineers and scientists to help industry and society to address and manage the effects of climate change.

AIChE’s Board of Directors approved the formation of the Climate Solutions Community in October 2018. Tom Rehm, a process safety specialist and chair of AIChE’s South Texas (Houston) Section, will lead the community in its formative stages.

To generate momentum for the Climate Solutions Community, the organizers will conduct a workshop on April 2 at AIChE’s 2019 Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety in New Orleans, Louisiana. The session will include group discussions addressing topics related to mitigation, adaptation, resiliency, and public policy.

In discussing the new community, Rehm noted that chemical engineers’ versatility and formidable problem-solving skills make them well-suited to help address many of the world’s foremost challenges, including climate change. “It is incumbent on AIChE and its member stakeholders to apply their unique insights and technical abilities to identify viable solutions to mitigate, adapt, and become resilient to the effects of climate change,” said Rehm. He added that a key task assigned to the Climate Solutions Community’s Steering Committee will be to develop a portfolio of technical and government policy solutions necessary to address both industrial and societal challenges related to climate.

Members of the Steering Committee include Sunil Hangal (Environmental Compliance Assurance Management), Chair of the Environmental Division’s Climate Change subcommittee; Dale Keairns (Deloitte Consulting), 2008 AIChE President and Chair of the Center for Energy Initiatives; Dan Lambert (Savannah River National Laboratory), a past chair of AIChE’s Nuclear Engineering Division; Christopher Pope, member of the Societal Impact Operating Council; Mary Ellen Ternes (Earth & Water Law, LLC), Chair of the Public Affairs and Information Committee’s Climate Change Task Force; and Neil Yeoman (Koch-Glitsch, retired), past AIChE Director and a founder of the Separations Division, and Virtual Local Section. Darlene Schuster, AIChE’s Chief of Technical Operations, Membership, and Business Development, will work with the steering committee to launch the new community.

Engineers and industrial scientists from across disciplines are invited to participate in the Climate Solutions Community. Areas of work will include mitigation of carbon footprints in electrical power generation and distribution, hydrocarbon processing, transportation, and urban areas; adaptation; and resiliency.

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