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2023 Election for the 2024 Board of Directors

Board of Directors voting dates and deadlines:

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AIChE’s Nominating Committee has announced the slate of candidates for president-elect, treasurer, and four director positions for the 2024 AIChE Board.

The president-elect will be elected to a three-year term, serving one year each as president-elect, president, and past president. The treasurer and directors are elected for three-year terms.

Voting by paper and electronic proxy ballot will begin on Sept. 11 and end on Oct. 16. The election results will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting in Orlando, FL.

2023 Election Timeline

  • May 15 - Petition Candidate Cut-Off Date
  • Aug. 21 - Election Ballot Mail Date
  • Sept. 11 - Election Commences
  • Oct. 16 - Election Ballot Receipt Deadline
  • Nov. 6 - Election Results Announced at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL

2023 Election Slate for the 2024 Board of Directors


For President Elect

Rakesh Agrawal

Rakesh Agrawal joined the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue Univ. in 2004 as Winthrop E. Stone Distinguished Professor, with a teaching and research focus on energy and sustainability. Before Purdue, Agrawal’s career at Air Products and Chemicals included serving as Air Products Fellow and as the first chair of its Technology Board. Under his leadership, innovative process ideas were implemented in hundreds of gas separation and liquefaction plants worldwide. He holds 131 U.S. patents and several hundred non-U.S. patents, and is a recipient of the U.S. National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

Agrawal has served AIChE for nearly three decades: Board of Directors (2006–2008); Separations Div. Chair (1994); Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (CTOC, 1999–2007, including Chair); Awards Committee (1999–2003); Publications Quality Team (1995–1996); Energy Commission (2005–2007); International Committee (2008–2009); AIChE Foundation Board of Trustees (2011); and Chair of the 2nd Topical Conference on Separations (1995). His distinguished contributions led to his receiving AIChE’s Founders Award (2011) and delivery of the 2005 Institute Lecture. A Fellow of AIChE, Agrawal was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the National Academy of Inventors. He has served on the technical advisory boards of seven major companies, advisory committees of six chemical engineering departments, and several journal editorial boards including AIChE Journal and CEP. He received chemical engineering degrees from IIT Kanpur, the Univ. of Delaware, and MIT.


Emerging trends in energy, health, climate and sustainability, artificial intelligence, and social justice present unprecedented challenges and opportunities for AIChE and our profession. AIChE’s strategic objectives — with emphasis on the success of all members, lifelong learning, and the Institute’s IDEAL (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-racism, and Learning) path — provide the necessary framework to successfully address these challenges.

As your President, I will drive the following priorities:

  • Develop an executable plan to achieve AIChE’s strategic objectives.
  • Translate successes with CCPS (safety) and RAPID (manufacturing) to establish similar entities in the rapidly changing fields of energy, sustainability, and health.
  • Grow the Institute for Learning and Innovation’s offerings to meet the lifelong professional development needs of diverse AIChE members.
  • Increase participation of volunteers and recognize/ showcase their contributions to AIChE.
  • Ensure alignment of all AIChE activities with IDEAL.

I am humbled to be nominated as your president. I look forward to working together to make AIChE the global home for chemical engineers. Please email me your comments at agrawalr@purdue.edu.

Joseph D. Smith

Joseph D. Smith works at Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology (MST; previously Missouri Rolla) and leads Elevated Analytics Consulting as Chief Technology Officer. He has served AIChE as a Director (2014–2016), Institute Treasurer (2017), and Secretary (2019–2021), and is a Fellow of the Institute. He has served on AIChE’s Local Sections and Student Chapters committees for over twenty years. His previous career includes the Dow Chemical Co., Cabot Corp., Koch Industries, and Idaho National Laboratory. He formed Elevated Analytics Consulting in 2006 and led a joint venture with CD-adapco (purchased by Siemens).

Since 2011, he has held the Wayne and Gayle Laufer Endowed Energy Chair at MST. There, his research focuses on bioenergy and resilient energy systems. He has published more than 70 papers, holds 13 patents, contributed chapters to the John Zink Combustion Handbook, The Industrial Burner Handbook, Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, and recently published a book, Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Chemical and Petrochemical Process Industry.


AIChE is THE worldwide professional organization for chemical engineers. I have seen firsthand the duties and profession-leading opportunities of the AIChE President while I’ve served as Treasurer and then as Secretary. Based on my industrial, academic, and AIChE experiences, I can lead the evolution and influence of our diverse profession as we address critical educational and technological issues of secure clean energy, ChE biomedical and biotechnology advances, and sustainable process and product development.

To do so, we must reach out more effectively to students, young professionals, and long-time members. I have served as a local section chair and worked with ChE student organizations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, so I know the value of initiatives that build diverse, vibrant groups of professionals, increase international student participation, and increase conversion of student members to AIChE member professionals. As we grow in the U.S. and internationally, we can expand our influence by “Doing a World of Good!”

If elected President, I will also focus on:

  • expanding AIChE Academy and the Institute for Learning and Innovation by developing ChE liaisons between universities and industry that advance technology, resilience, high-value jobs, and global and local economic activity, especially in underserved regions;
  • expanding chemical engineering’s leadership role in advanced manufacturing, leveraging AIChE’s successes in process intensification, safety, and biological engineering; and
  • advancing diversity and inclusion using strategic initiatives that grow member involvement.

I am well prepared and enthusiastic to serve as your President, and I would appreciate your vote. Please contact me with your own thoughts about AIChE’s opportunities at smithjose@mst.edu.

For Treasurer

Ana P. Davis

Ana Davis heads Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) in North America for Syngenta, a global agriculture company. She manages Syngenta’s corporate HSE programs, which cover a wide array of business units. She also serves as the Global HSE Business Partner for the Seeds Development business. Ana began her career as a process control engineer with Exxon, later working as facilities engineer for Advanced Micro Devices. Prior to joining Syngenta in 2009, she held a variety of production and HSE management roles with Kao Specialties Americas. Before that, she was a plant manager at Dow and held several positions with Union Carbide Corp., becoming a plant production manager after the Dow Chemical merger. A native of Spain, Ana was recognized in 2005 with the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Award for Professional Achievement in Industry. She serves on the advisory boards of AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), North Carolina State Univ.’s Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and North Carolina A&T's Dept. of Chemical, Biological, and Bioengineering. In 2019, she was elected to AIChE’s Board of Directors. Ana received her BS in chemical engineering from NC State Univ., where she was named a Distinguished Alumnus. Ana and her husband have established an endowment for chemical engineering undergraduate students.


Chemical engineering has evolved into a boundaryless profession with broad reach across industries, government, and academia. It is this breadth and scope that poses a transformational opportunity for the next phase of AIChE, its members, and chemical engineering around the world. I will work to position our organization as the premier global institution where all chemical engineers can connect, discover, grow, and benefit from a diverse platform for career growth. As Treasurer, I am committed to ensuring the financial health of the Institute, with an emphasis on delivering value for all our members through innovative and fit-for-purpose programs and services.

I will leverage my personal journey as a chemical engineer, which reflects the wide-ranging future opportunities for AIChE. Having worked across diverse industries, I bring perspectives that reflect the broad chemical engineering community and the varying needs of our members. In addition, I will bring forward solutions to strengthen AIChE and utilize my knowledge of the interplay among industry, academia, and the different generations of engineers as they shape the future.

As Treasurer, I will help lead purposeful, collaborative, and powerful conversations to help AIChE solve the world’s complex challenges, which will advance the chemical engineering profession and position AIChE for generations to come.

Lori T. McDowell

Lori McDowell is currently CEO of LMcDowell Inc. and Strategic-Partner with Schooley Mitchell. Lori helps businesses reduce expenses and optimize their operations. She is also pursuing her passions of working with non-profits, public speaking, and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Before stepping out as an entrepreneur, Lori worked for Matheson, Praxair, and WR Grace in roles encompassing business development, technical sales, and R&D. She serves on the Board of The Hall Group. Lori received a BS in chemical engineering from the Univ. of Pennsylvania, an MS in environmental engineering from CalTech, and a PhD in chemical engineering from the Univ. of Delaware. She has been active in AIChE since 1992, serving as a Board Director, Chair of the Fellows Council, and in the Fuels and Petrochemicals Div. Lori was twice the AIChE Spring Meeting Program Chair, organized The Leadership Development Topical Conference, and has presented at numerous meetings. She is a former President of the Women’s Energy Network (WEN), is on the American Fuels and Petrochemical Manufacturer’s Women in Industry Steering Committee, and served on the Board of the National Business Development Association.


Serving on AIChE’s Board was a rewarding experience, so I am excited to run for Treasurer. As a 30+ year member of AIChE, I want to make sure that all AIChE members can get as much from the organization as I did.

I am at the point in my career where I have decided to leave corporate America and focus on work that fulfills my passion of helping others and that brings me joy. Serving on the AIChE Board as Treasurer is one way I can do that.

AIChE is a necessary organization that serves so many, and, as Treasurer, I can help ensure that AIChE is well positioned to meet the needs of all chemical engineers, our education system, and our communities — remaining focused on learning opportunities and our strategic plan.

I believe that AIChE’s commitment to the IDEAL path is vital to the future of chemical engineering and the world, and, in serving on the Board, I can help ensure that IDEAL initiatives continue to receive the resources and support they need, especially regarding underserved communities, affinity groups, and chemical engineers at all career levels — from K-12 through retirement.

I would be honored to be elected as AIChE Treasurer and I hope that you will vote for me. But I also want to acknowledge the other candidate, Ana Davis — someone I admire and respect. Whichever candidate wins, AIChE will have an exceptional treasurer.

I invite AIChE members to share their ideas or questions with me at lori.mcdowell@schooleymitchell.com.

For Director

Martin A. Abraham

Martin A. Abraham has been a member of AIChE since 1985, when he joined as a graduate student making his first professional presentation. He was named a Fellow of AIChE in 2012. After receiving his PhD from the Univ. of Delaware, Abraham joined the Univ. of Tulsa as an Assistant Professor. He moved to the Univ. of Toledo as a Full Professor in 1996 and then became Dean of the STEM College at Youngstown State Univ. in 2007. After serving as Provost, he moved to Western Illinois Univ. where he became Interim President and received the Cathy O’Neill Couza Award for Outstanding Leadership in Diversity in 2021, before taking his current position as Provost at SUNY Brockport. His research in clean solvents and sustainability, funded by the NSF and EPA, as well as national and regional companies, is documented in nearly 80 publications, including the book Sustainability Science and Engineering: Defining Principles (2005). He has served as editor for Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy since 2007.


I began my AIChE activities with the Student Chapters Committee, where I served as Chair while ushering in the Chem-E-Car Competition. In 1992, I was named AIChE’s Outstanding Student Chapter Advisor. I later became Chair of the Sustainable Engineering Forum, before becoming engaged in the governance of the American Chemical Society, serving as Chair and then Councilor for the Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Div. and Chair of the Committee on Environmental Improvement. That brought me back to AIChE, where I am now Past Chair of the Public Affairs and Information Committee.

My leadership in academic administration has informed my service in AIChE by allowing me to understand broader perspectives in policy, programming, and education. I recognize the importance of supporting members, and I look to engage with them in identifying ways to advance our many initiatives. My experience supports a variety of interests, including:

  • engagement in policy — specifically sustainability, climate change, process safety, and others that will affect our discipline and society at large for the foreseeable future;
  • technical programming that provides a venue for our members to exchange ideas and information;
  • education to ensure a robust future that incorporates new technologies for our profession; and
  • equitable access and opportunities for all chemical engineers, regardless of their background and beliefs, as embodied in AIChE’s IDEAL statement.

I was pleased to be nominated to serve on the AIChE Board of Directors and am honored to be considered. Please reach out to me at mabraham@brockport.edu if you have thoughts or ideas that you would like to share. I would welcome the opportunity to continue to serve AIChE through this new role.

Georges Belfort

Georges Belfort, PhD, holds an endowed Institute Professorship at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI; Troy, NY), and conducts research on membrane-based purification of mRNA (vaccines), in vitro production and purification of biofuels, and organic solvents. He was educated in chemical engineering at the Univ. of Cape Town, South Africa, where he received his BS degree, and at the Univ. of California at Irvine, where he earned an MS and PhD in engineering. He was elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering in 2003; chosen by AIChE as one of the “100 Chemical Engineers of the Modern Era” as part of the Institute’s Centennial Celebration; and has chaired the managing board of AIChE’s Society for Biological Engineering (SBE) since 2014. He is a past president and co-founder of The North American Membrane Society. He also served on the scientific advisory board for the Max Planck Institute, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Alexander Grass Center for Bioengineering at Hebrew Univ., Israel. He has been a member of AIChE since 1966. Besides winning several notable scientific awards from AIChE and the American Chemical Society, he has supervised more than 100 graduate students and postdocs.


As a member and Chair of the managing board of the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE) for the past eight years, we — AIChE’s Board of Directors, the SBE advisory board, AIChE staff, and I — have worked to meet numerous strategic objectives of AIChE, and have strengthened SBE by expanding the range and depth of our bioengineering conference/workshop topics for the benefit of members. These have included such conferences as AfroBiotech, Accelerating Biopharmaceutical Development, Metabolic Engineering, Cell-Free Systems, Microbiome Engineering, CRISPR-Cas 9 Technology, and Quantum Computing Applications. Equally important are recent and on-going efforts to expand the equity, diversity, and inclusivity of the members of the SBE advisory and managing boards.

Most of SBE’s conference and workshop topics involve collaboration between chemical engineers and interdisciplinary scientists. Such “convergence” between different fields will allow us to solve difficult societal problems such as global warming, developing new and efficient energy sources, reducing the cost of water desalination and brine disposal, development of time-degradable plastics, understanding/modifying Alzheimer’s disease, and vaccine discovery and scale up. I have worked on most of these topics and have seen the synergy and success gained from collaborating with scientists. My collaborative and leadership experience at SBE and with convergence approaches to serious societal challenges, as well as my international experiences and deep concern for equity, diversity, and inclusion, should bring new ideas to the AIChE Board.

Concetta La Marca

Concetta La Marca is a Senior Principal Consultant at the Chemours Co., with 35 years of industrial experience. Since completing her graduate work at the Univ. of Delaware, she has worked at DuPont and Chemours as a reaction engineering specialist. Following her undergraduate studies at MIT, she spent three years working at Hercules. Concetta also has served on the adjunct faculty at Rowan Univ., where she co-taught the junior-level reaction engineering course from 2004 to 2022.

At DuPont and Chemours, the focus of her work has been to describe the kinetics of chemical reactions using a rigorous, fundamental approach addressing significant engineering problems in combustion systems, NOx reduction, hazard analysis, and fluorocarbons. She contributed to the development of next-generation, low GWP fluorochemical products, namely Opteon™ YF and Opteon™ 1100, as well as to processes for HFC-134a, TFE production, and other systems. She received several DuPont awards in recognition of her work, and is the author of more than 26 journal articles and patents.

Concetta serves the reaction engineering community as an officer and executive board member of the International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering, and co-chaired its 2010 conference. She served as Consulting Editor for AIChE Journal, and on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, and Energy and Fuels, and as a CACHE Trustee.


Election to the AIChE Board of Directors will be the logical continuation of my service to the Institute. Within the Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Div. (CRE), I have held all roles on the executive committee beginning in 2006, and I am currently the CRE Div.’s Executive Director. I have also served on the Institute Awards Committee, initially on the Awards Selection Subcommittee and then as overall Committee Chair from 2021 to 2022. I was elected as an AIChE Fellow in 2015, and served on the Fellows Admissions Committee from 2017 to 2022.

AIChE offers a great forum to highlight the technical achievements of our members and offers a unique opportunity for interaction between our academic and industrial communities. I am interested in increasing membership and participation by engineers from the industrial community. I am also interested in encouraging younger members of the Institute to offer their input to AIChE programming and encouraging their participation in the governing of our technical divisions and forums.

I am honored to be a nominee for the AIChE Board of Directors. I look forward to bringing my experience from the CRE Division leadership to the Institute more broadly, and to serving on Board committees or as a liaison to one of our operating councils.

Dave Parrillo

Dave Parrillo is currently the Vice President of R&D for Dow’s Packaging and Specialty Plastics and Hydrocarbons division. This $28 billion revenue division is key to Dow’s decarbonize-and-grow strategy. His more than 29 years of experience in the chemicals, materials, and energy industries includes positions with General Electric and Air Products and Chemicals.

He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and serves on the External Chemical Engineering Advisory Board at the Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, and on the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Advisory Board. Dave is a supporter and sponsor of Dow Employee Resource Groups including the Women’s Inclusion Network, the Hispanic Latin Network, and the Asian Diversity Network.

He earned a BS from the Univ. of Rhode Island and a PhD from the Univ. of Pennsylvania, both in chemical engineering. He is currently on the advisory board for AIChE’s Institute for Learning and Innovation (ILI), driving collaborative interactions between academia and industry.


I have been a member of AIChE for 29 years. Industry and academia have changed dramatically since my studies and first employment. Today, chemical engineers are employed in many more sectors of the economy with varied skill needs. My passion is to enhance the career development of chemical engineers by better connecting industry, academia, government organizations, and AIChE.

I have been working as a member of the advisory board of AIChE’s Institute for Learning and Innovation to further these goals. Through this AIChE Institute, Dow created our first PhD industry interns’ program focused on cross-functional internships of combined chemical engineering and digital skills. These internships attracted applications from more than 5% of the U.S. population of mid-term PhD chemical engineering students. This was only a small pilot, but it demonstrated the potential for beneficial increased interactions.

AIChE has members from all sectors and the potential to become a larger hub for:

  • defining new skills for chemical engineers,
  • providing a virtual place for upskilling,
  • working with academia to augment curricula,
  • creating a digital database connecting chemical engineers.

As a community, we need to continue to enhance the development of our chemical engineering workforce for the future.

AIChE is in an excellent position to help the chemical engineering profession create and support a new future. I am running for the AIChE Board to be part of designing and implementing new models for this future. I ask your support in doing so.

Sindee L. Simon

Sindee L. Simon is Distinguished Professor and Department Head of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at North Carolina State Univ. Her AIChE service includes Meeting Program Chair of the 2022 Annual Meeting, 2018/19 Program Co-Chair/Chair for Area 8A (Polymers), and, currently, 2023 Meeting Chair for the Southeastern Region ChE Department Heads and Chairs. Her BSChE from Yale University in 1983 was followed by three years as a materials engineer at Beech Aircraft, and then a PhD from Princeton in 1992. Prior to joining NC State in 2021, she was a faculty member at the Univ. of Pittsburgh and then at Texas Tech, where she served as Department Head for seven years. Her research interests are in polymer and soft matter physics, including co-amorphous pharmaceuticals. Recognitions include election as a Fellow of AIChE, the American Physical Society, the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), and the North American Thermal Analysis Society (NATAS). She also received the SPE’s International and Research awards and the NATAS Mettler Toledo Lifetime Achievement Award.


AIChE is a world-recognized face of chemical engineering, not only representing the diversity of our profession but also providing a platform for us to advance technically and to shape the future. As chemical engineers, we have the skills, knowledge, and creativity to address many of the world’s global and societal problems. Individually and mutually, we want our diverse jobs to be impactful and to contribute to positive change. Through AIChE, we can work together across the breadth of our profession, creating and carrying out initiatives to communicate our capabilities and contributions, to aid lifelong learning, advance partnerships and understanding, and to develop, share, and implement new knowledge.

As a Director, I will listen to you and represent our best interests in the Institute’s business and policy development. To that purpose, I will contribute to the Board’s work to:

  • lead actions toward AIChE’s IDEAL goal to be “a safe, connected, and inclusive community Doing a World of Good;”
  • communicate about science and engineering that is relevant to important societal and technological issues;
  • enhance and “re-market” our profession’s stature by promoting chemical engineering’s effectiveness as a positive force;
  • advance academic-industrial partnerships to enhance innovation and translational research;
  • ensure a clear value proposition for membership in AIChE, particularly for young professionals;
  • grow effective AIChE mentoring and continuing-education programs; and
  • expand programs aimed at increasing engagement of K-12 students in STEM, especially for underserved and underrepresented populations.

Mary Ellen Ternes

Mary Ellen Ternes, Partner, Earth & Water Law, LLC, and an AIChE Fellow, has served as a leader in ChE and environmental law with EPA, industry, and as a senior partner and environmental-practice group chair at private law firms providing outside counsel for business, municipalities, and science-focused environmental nonprofits. She earned her BEChE at Vanderbilt Univ. and her JD with high honors at the Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law. Her AIChE activities include Co-Chair, 2010 Spring Meeting; Vice Chair, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum; Founding Chair, Chemical Engineering and the Law Forum; Chair, Climate Change and Regulatory and Legislation sections, Environmental Div.; Founding Chair, Public Affairs and Information Committee (PAIC); co-author, AIChE 2014 and 2019 Climate Change Policy; Editorial Board, Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy; Climate Solutions Policy Initiative; and recipient of the Environmental Div.’s Service Award. Outside AIChE, she served/serves as President, American College of Environmental Lawyers (Fellow); Chair, 2008 Annual Conference on Environmental Law, American Bar Association; External Advisory Committee, Vanderbilt Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Dept.; Senior Fellow, Global Council of Science and the Environment; and United Nations Delegate for treaty negotiations to end plastic pollution.


Chemical engineers are key to developing sound environmental policy, where ChE principles are central to identifying effective solutions. We continue to provide effective mitigation solutions for air and water pollution, hazardous waste management, ozone depletion, and climate change, as we design sustainable solutions to avoid waste and thus pollution. We constantly prevent problems, but we’ve also led transitions away from processes and products that have caused unanticipated problems.

AIChE should continue as a leader in advancing ChE and environmental law, working through partnerships. AIChE plays a critical role in educating our profession to best manage business+environmental risk, connecting our members with interdisciplinary partners to ensure that they are always included in the policy conversation. As founding Chair of the Public Affairs and Information Committee, I understand how the Board can work with PAIC to monitor significant evolving issues, see that wise and practical policies are sought, and communicate with you, the government, and the public.

As an AIChE Director, I will focus on:

  • addressing societal issues through ChE insight and expertise, including climate change and plastic pollution, creating a sustainable path toward mitigation of both issues;
  • engaging ChEs with other communities to propel solutions for maximum benefit;
  • creating and supporting career-growth opportunities with cutting-edge learning through programming and publications;
  • Advancing AIChE through its IDEAL commitment.

Jean W. Tom

Jean Tom is the Executive Director of Development Engineering and Chemistry Process Development at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), where she leads chemical engineers focused on the development of chemical processes to synthesize small-molecule drug candidates for new therapeutics. Prior to joining BMS in 2006, Jean spent 19 years at Merck. Her roles have spanned process development, pilot plant operations, and technology transfer to manufacturing — enabling technology development, talent outreach, and people development. She was a founding board member of the Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC), a consortium of 14 pharmaceutical companies working in the pre-competitive space for technology development. She contributes to the chemical engineering community through her service as an ABET program evaluator, an external advisory committee member for several chemical engineering departments, on committees of the National Academy of Engineering, and through an outreach program at BMS for women undergraduate chemical engineering students. Jean has undergraduate degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering (MIT) and a PhD in chemical engineering (Princeton Univ.).


My work with AIChE includes volunteer contributions to the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (CTOC), the Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development, and Manufacturing (PD2M) Forum, and the Awards Committee, as well as technical contributions to the Process Development and Separations divisions. I am also honored to be an AIChE Fellow and the recipient of the AIChE Industry Leadership Award (2018).

Two recent studies from NASEM - New Directions for Chemical Engineering (2021) and The Importance of Chemical Research to the U.S. Economy (2022) - provide strategic directions that will impact chemical engineering research, innovation, and education. Chemical engineering is poised to be a major contributor toward achieving critical societal goals on the transition to low-carbon energy systems, sustainable manufacturing, sustainable food and water supply, and advancing medical and health solutions. For chemical engineering to have this impact, the profession must continue to evolve and be able to attract a new generation of students who match the demographics of our population.

My focus as an AIChE Board Director will be to help drive the Institute to support activities that:

  • improve the accessibility of chemical engineering to women and underrepresented groups;
  • evolve the technical focus and content to reflect the new directions of ChE research and innovation; and
  • enhance the value proposition of AIChE to reach and engage more of the current 85,000 chemical engineers practicing in the U.S. today.

It’s an honor to be nominated to serve on the AIChE Board, and I welcome the opportunity to help improve our profession through this role.

Jessica O. Winter

Jessica O. Winter is a Distinguished Professor in the William G. Lowrie Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and past Associate Director of the Center for Emergent Materials, an NSF Materials Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) at The Ohio State Univ. She received her BS from Northwestern Univ., after which she spent two years at Intel in process engineering. She then completed her MS and PhD at the Univ. of Texas at Austin. She is a global leader in nanobiotechnology and nanomanufacturing, and is a Fellow of AIChE, the Biomedical Engineering Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, and the Royal Society of Chemistry. She is an associate editor for Materials Advances and the Journal of Materials Chemistry B. She is also a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Core Quantum Technologies, a company delivering nanoparticle reagents for cancer diagnostics. She is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship and commercialization of academic research. She has spoken before congressional committees on these topics multiple times and has been published by The Hill.


I am honored by this opportunity to serve the Institute. I have substantial AIChE leadership experience, serving as Chair of the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum (NSEF) and the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (CTOC). In CTOC, I led a task force for implementing inclusive practices in AIChE divisions and forums. I currently serve on the Public Affairs and Information Committee, Awards Committee, and the Fellows Council. My career-spanning academic and industrial experience has shown me the power of chemical engineering to address complex global problems. If elected, I will support the AIChE mission to build an inclusive community united in “doing a world of good.”

  • I will work with the Institute to highlight the positive contributions chemical engineers make to society, especially in safe and sustainable manufacturing. Enhancing our profile will strengthen our profession, increase public support and partnerships, and facilitate recruitment of future engineers.
  • I will expand Institute programming to empower the next generation of chemical engineers while extending the pipeline, including programs for outreach and career exploration, student and professional training, mentorship across career stages, and building inclusive ecosystems for our members.
  • I will initiate programs to improve communication within the Institute. AIChE is a complex, volunteer organization that can be difficult to navigate. Streamlining and targeting communications will enhance member engagement, clarify leadership pathways, and spotlight the accomplishments of our organization.

Share your views with me at winter.63@osu.edu.