Center for Innovation and Entrepreneuring Excellence (CIEE)

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneuring Excellence (CIEE) – supports the professional development of chemical engineers and other scientists or engineers working with and in scientific, applied, and professional entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity by:

• Provide a membership home for chemical engineers working in innovation and entrepreneurship.
• Provide a forum for facilitating creative thinking, idea generation, innovation and entrepreneurial behaviors among members.
• Facilitate networking of entrepreneurs with others in the business and financial community.
• Provide training, education, workshops, conferences and mentorships to enhance skills needed to succeed as entrepreneurs and to encourage innovation.
• Develop projects, events and networking opportunities to connect investors with chemical engineering talent.


The Langer Prizes for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence

AIChE has announced the creation of a new Fellowship program that will assist researchers in pursuing innovative technical work with the potential of making valuable contributions to society. The Langer Prizes for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence will award unrestricted grants of up to $...

Recent Events

Entrepreneurship & Investing in Early-Stage Chemical Companies

Sunday, October 28, 2018, 2:30pm-6:30pm EDT
Posted by cms_hailm
This entrepreneurship and investing session will provide the opportunity for startup companies to present their companies for investment funding. Students will gain the opportunity to see and hear how “hard” technology companies are presented for investment which is distinctly different from the...Read more