FRI/John G. Kunesh Award

This award is presented in memory of John G. Kunesh, past Separations Division Chairman and Technical Director of Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI). His dedication to the distillation industry and service to those working in it serve as models for all those practicing engineering disciplines....

George Klinzing Best PhD Award

This award recognizes an outstanding dissertation by an individual who has earned a doctoral degree. The dissertation can be in any discipline in the physical, biomedical or engineering sciences, but must be in particle science and engineering.

Harry West Student Poster Award

The Harry West Student Poster Award is presented during the Student Poster Competition during the AIChE Annual Student Conference. All authors who submit a poster with a topic or application to fuels and petrochemicals are considered. Details can be found on the...

Industrial Practice in Sustainable Engineering Award

This award recognized individuals or teams who have made outstanding contributions over a long‐term basis pertinent to sustainable engineering development in the practice of chemical process/product design or manufacturing. This award focuses on applicants from small, medium, or large companies...

Lectureship Award in Fluidization

Recognizes an individual's outstanding scientific/technical research contributions with impact in the field of fluidization and fluid-particle flow systems.

Management Division Award

This award recognizes an outstanding individual who has made a substantial contribution to the management of engineers involved in the chemical process industries, or to management techniques and procedures utilized in those industries. We are grateful for Dow Chemical’s sponsorship of the award...

NAMF Forum Award

Award for Excellence and Sustained Contributions to Mixing Research and Practice.

NAMF Start-up Grant

Grant to encourage new faculty to begin research careers in areas that impact the general field of fluid mixing technology.  Mixing is an emergent fundamental engineering science, particularly at the meso and micro scale, and one of the last unit operations to submit to formal academic study." ...