Founding Donors - LGBTQ+ & Allies Endowment

The LGBTQ+ & Allies Endowment aims to expand its reach to recognize students, professionals, and companies that show exemplary efforts in LGBTQ+ & Allies causes within the chemical engineering profession.

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Below is a list of Founding Donors for the LGBTQ+ & Allies Endowment:

  • Air Products
  • Francis Amigo
  • Heriberto Cabezas
  • Daniel Confer
  • Rosemary A. Cox-Galhotra
  • Nicholas Delgass
  • Eduardo Francisco
  • Gayle J. Gibson
  • James P. Law
  • Robert Levine
  • Kirby KB Li
  • Alon McCormick
  • Connor Davis McGarity
  • John P. O'Connell
  • Tonya Peeples
  • Angela Elaine Summers
  • Eric Townsend
  • James Woeckener
  • Russell J. Wyman