Founding Donors - H. Scott Fogler Endowment

To recognize H. Scott Fogler’s impact on chemical engineering education for decades to come, the AIChE Foundation is renaming the AIChE's Annual Chem-E-Car Competition® First Place Prize in his honor, creating a permanent endowment.

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Below is a list of Founding Donors for the H. Scott Fogler Endowment.

  • Brice Carnahan
  • Jennifer Sinclair Curtis
  • Laura Dietsche
  • John G. Ekert
  • The Henley Foundation
  • David A. Kofke
  • Ronald G. Larson
  • Edward M. Rosen
  • Johannes W. Schwank
  • J. D. Seader
  • John & Rose Tao
  • Edward Trujillo
  • Claudio Vilas Boas Favera
  • Ralph T. Yang