Thomas R. Hanley

Thomas R. Hanley is a professor of chemical engineering at Auburn Univ. After earning three degrees at Virginia Tech and a tour at the Air Force Materials Laboratory, he moved to Tulane Univ., where he served as AIChE student chapter advisor and chaired the New Orleans Section. At Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, he chaired AIChEÍs Terre Haute Section.

While department chair at Louisiana Tech and Florida A&M/Florida State Univ., he was General Arrangements Chair (1986 Annual Meeting), Meeting Program Chair (1988 Annual Meeting), and chair of the Tallahassee Section.

While dean of engineering at the Univ. of Louisville, he chaired the Student Chapters Committee, the Management Div., and the AIChE Foundation. He served on the Career and Education Operating Council and the Board of Directors. An AIChE Fellow, he chairs the Audit Committee, serves on the Executive Committee of the AIChE Foundation and the Education and Accreditation Committee, and participates on the International Committee and in the North American Mixing Forum. A member of the Committee of 100 at Virginia Tech, he served on the Plasticolors Board of Directors and the Michigan Tech college advisory board.