First Exclusive Corporate Rising Star Program Debut

On July 19th AIChE was thrilled to bring our Rising Star Leadership Workshop to the Technical Leadership Women’s Forum at 3M for an exclusive session. Cristina Thomas, Global R&D Services Leader and R&D Global Process Owner, 3M welcomed nearly 100 female employees from around the globe.   “As an advocate for equitable change, a leader in STEM at 3M, and an active AlChE member, I’m incredibly proud of the combined commitment between the two organizations for a more fair and just society. The Rising Star workshop provides participants practical and timely advice that will ultimately help eliminate the inequitable challenges women encounter when entering STEM. My hope is that having received this actionable advice now, young women will be even more impactful as leaders earlier in their careers.”

Working with 3M, AIChE organized a panel of senior 3M female executives, Dr. Caroline Ylitalo, Division Scientist Personal Safety, and Dr.  Rebecca Powers Teeters, VP Environmental Strategy and Initiatives shared their perspective on how women can find their voice, navigate the workplace and communicate for success. Susan Dunlap of WLF Associates, our presenter, provided skills and advice for communicating with a more authentic presence to effectively meet and network in the workplace and beyond.

AIChE’s Rising Star workshop was launched in 2018 as part of All for Good: Engineering for Inclusion, a core priority of the Doing a World of Good campaign. All for Good is a comprehensive, industrywide initiative that brings together industry, academia and engineering professionals – to share best practices, provide new programming and increase inclusivity at every stage of the career continuum, from the classroom to the boardroom.  

The 3M-hosted workshop was the first of its kind, and serves as an excellent example of industry collaboration to improve the success of women in technical fields. Contact Lisa Lanzkowsky at to explore collaborations like this one.

You can bolster AIChE’s long history of cultivating a safer, diverse and inclusive profession by opening the doors of opportunity to all who aspire to be a ChemE.