All For Good: Engineering for Inclusion Programs Support Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Profession

The AIChE ® Foundation is excited to showcase the robust programming series made possible by our All For Good: Engineering for Inclusion initiative. As per AIChE’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) statement, our virtual EDI programming hit a record high in attendance! Nearly 400 attendees across the globe participated in the Rising Star Leadership Workshops and Unconscious Bias sessions.

This year we successfully hosted and enhanced our reach with three Rising Star Leadership Workshops and Unconscious Bias sessions. Re-launched our Leadership Equity in Engineering Program. We are delighted to say the virtual transition enabled us to engage with underserved communities, resulting in enthusiastic and positive feedback by our participants.

The Rising Star Leadership Workshop for high performing women engineers is a program for early to mid-career women utilizing best practices and leading research on gender to advance professional goals. Thanks to our program partner, Susan Dunlap of the Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) Group, 240 attendees from industry and academia were educated with vital, actionable advice, tips and strategies to help advance their careers.

The Unconscious Bias –Why it Matters in Engineering? workshop and panel builds pathways toward a more inclusive engineering profession. Each session included over 100 attendees, a practical discussion on EDI in engineering with industry and academic leaders. Attendees benefited from knowledge and real-life experiences shared by our panelists essential to building inclusive workplaces.

The Leadership Equity in Engineering (LEE) forum debuted at the 2019 AIChE Gala, Doing a World of Good and relaunched virtually this year. This executive development program is for exceptionally talented members of underrepresented minority communities who are seeking to attain senior management level roles. This invitation only event had 35 industry professionals in attendance. We plan to grow and expand this program next year with targeted sessions, smaller group interactions, and prominent speakers sharing best practices for career success.

The AIChE Foundation will continue to support and enhance EDI programming as we move into 2021. All For Good: Engineering for Inclusion is a core priority of the Doing a World of Good campaign. Stay tuned for updated information on programs and timing in the new year!