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Corporate Sponsorship Resources

Corporate sponsorship is one of the most notable sources of income for Student Chapters. As a form of fundraising, corporate sponsorship can pose prominent opportunities or challenges to a Student Chapter. To help Student Chapters get the most out of corporate sponsorship, the ESC has put together corporate sponsorship related resources for Student Chapter leaders.

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Annual Student Conference Corporate Sponsorship Workshop Slides

 Presented by: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Description: In this workshop, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign goes into detail on how they run their own corporate sponsorship program. The workshop covers how they create and distribute their corporate interest survey, events that are commonly sponsored, and how they build their network. The workshop also details which Chapter positions are involved in order to run their sponsorship program.

View 2013 Workshop Slides

Presented by: Georgia Tech, University of Cincinnati, Penn State, and Virginia Tech


Description: In this workshop, four Student Chapters share their experiences and advice. Georgia Tech discusses how to interact with potential sponsors and how to build professional relationships with them. The University of Cincinnati provides instructions on how to create a sponsorship packet. Penn State shares examples of sponsorship benefits. Virginia Tech summarizes the workshop and shows how its lessons apply to one of their Chapter's biggest events.

View 2014 Workshop Slides

Presented by: University of Kentucky - Lexington, South Dakota School of Mines, SUNY-ESF, Oregon State University, and United Arab Emirates University

Description: In this workshop, the University of Kentucky - Lexington explains how they plan their golf scramble and South Dakota School of Mines explains how they plan their annual Dublin Dash, a 5k walk/run. SUNY-ESF walks through how to create a funding proposal and similarly, Oregon State University instructs on how to write a fundraising letter.

View 2015 Workshop Slides

Presented by: University of Michigan

Description: In this workshop, University of Michigan shares their best practices for obtaining corporate sponsorship and how they've built and maintained relationships with their sponsors. The workshop also covers how the Chapter uses corporate sponsorship to support their luncheons, info sessions, and mentorship program.

View 2016 Workshop Slides

Presented by: University of Michigan

Description: In this workshop, University of Michigan details how to make initial contact with companies and sustain corporate relationships. The workshop slides also provide examples of sponsored events that their Chapter holds.

View 2017 Workshop Slides

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ChEnected Corporate Sponsorship Interview Series:

Dozens of AIChE Student Chapters receive funding from corporate sponsors. Many of these chapters attest that their corporate sponsorship program is their most effective source of income. The following AIChE Student Chapters have allowed us an inside look into their successful corporate sponsorship programs.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The MIT Student Chapter organizes an Industrial Networking Series that involves info sessions from seven to ten companies spanning many industries. Companies in attendance provide a donation to help support the Chapter. MIT uses sponsors and their support to not only fund Chapter events, but to also present career opportunities to its Chapter members. The Student Chapter also organizes a ChemE specific career fair in its spring semester.

Pennsylvania State University

The Penn State Student Chapter takes advantage of their large alumni network to bring in sponsorship from a variety of industries. In addition to using sponsorship as a source of funding for Chapter events, the Chapter organizes networking opportunities with sponsors' university recruiters.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan Student Chapter's weekly luncheons are their leading sponsored events. The Chapter's sponsors are invited to speak about their company over lunch with the Chapter's student members. The Chapter has also found a way to incorporate sponsors into their mentorship program that has resulted in increased freshmen and sophomore Chapter involvement.

University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma (OU) Student Chapter works closely with its college and student government to obtain and maintain corporate contacts. OU AIChE also takes advantage of the local industries, such as oil and gas, to find sponsorship. This past year, OU AIChE added funding reports to maintain strong long-term relationships and increase sponsor retention.

University of Puerto Rico

The University of Puerto Rico Student Chapter's Company Night is their premiere sponsored event wherein 80-90% of the Chapter's members attend. During Company Night, the Chapter's sponsors and student members network, providing sponsors easy access to students and students the opportunity to learn more about the company and grow his or her professional network. All of the Chapter's sponsors are invited to participate in Company Night.

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Student Chapter's primary fundraiser is their Dublin Dash, a 5k run/walk. Thanks to corporate partners, the Dublin Dash is the longest running and highest grossing student organization fundraiser at the school.

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