2019 Annual Meeting Honors Ceremony Recap

The 2019 Institute and Board of Directors' Awards were presented at the Honors Ceremony at the Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL. These are AIChE's most prestigious awards, honoring eminent chemical engineers for career accomplishments, service to society, and service to the Institute. Current AIChE President Kimberly Ogden presented the Board of Directors' Awards. She noted that throughout this week AIChE will also celebrate other distinguished contributors through its division, forum, and committee awards. See all awards presented at the Annual Meeting.

Founders Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Chemical Engineering

The Founders Award is presented to engineers who have had a profound impact on the way chemical engineering is practiced, and whose achievements have advanced the profession in any of its aspects. This year's Founders Award recipient is Dr. Ignacio E. Grossman, R.R. Dean University Professor of Chemcial Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University.

Dr. Ignacio E. Grossman (left) with 2019 AIChE President Kimberly Ogden.

“For significant pioneering contributions to systematic optimization strategies in process synthesis, design, decision-making under uncertainty, and scheduling, planning, and supply chain management throughout the chemical processing enterprise.” 

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Ignacio E. Grossman.

The F.J. and Dorothy Van Antwerpen Award for Service to the Institute

This award, sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company, is presented to a member of AIChE who has made outstanding contributions to the chemical engineering profession through service to the Institute, in both the professional and technical areas of Institute activities. This year's F.J. and Dorothy Van Antwerpen Award went to Dr. H. Scott Fogler, Ame and Catherine Vennema Professor of Chemical Engineering and the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, University of Michigan.

Dr. H. Scott Fogler (center) with 2019 AIChE President Kimberly Ogden and Dow's representative Dan Hickman.

“For outstanding contributions and service to AIChE, including initiating the Chem-E-Car Competition, broadening AIChE’s webinar program, and expanding international visibility via the student sister chapter program.”

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. H. Scott Fogler.

Margaret Hutchinson Rousseau Pioneer Award

The Margaret Hutchinson Rousseau Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement by a Woman Chemical Engineer is given to a woman member of AIChE who has made significant contributions to chemical engineering research or practice. The candidate’s contributions may include a component of service, mentorship or leadership in raising the visibility of women in chemical engineering.

The award is sponsored by Pfizer. The 2019 Margaret Hutchinson Rousseau Pioneer Award recipient was Dr. Paula T. Hammond, Department Head; David H. Koch Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Dr. Paula. T. Hammond (center) with Juan de Pablo (left, chair of Awards Selection Subcommittee), and Pfizer's Christine Seymour (right, 2018 AIChE President).

“For enthusiastic professional leadership and pioneering scientific and engineering contributions to thin film layer-by-layer polymeric structures with broad energy and therapeutic applications.” 

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Paula T. Hammond

Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research

Sponsored by the Alpha Chi Sigma Educational Foundation and the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity, this award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in fundamental or applied chemical engineering research. This year's recipient is Dr. Pablo G. Debenedetti, Class of 1950 Professor in Engineering and Applied Science and Dean for Research, Princeton University.

Dr. Pablo G. Debenedetti (center) with Juan de Pablo and Jonathan Wenzel (right, Kettering Univ. and Alpha Chi Sigma).

“For seminal research contributions on the metastable liquid-liquid phase transition and properties of water at supercooled conditions.”  

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Pablo G. Debenedetti.

The R. H. Wilhelm Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering

Sponsored by ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company, this award recognizes significant and new contributions to chemical reaction engineering. This year's recipient is Dr. William H. Green, Jr., Hoyt C. Hottel Professor of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. William H. Green Jr. with  Juan de Pablo.

“For developing and disseminating efficient methods for predictive chemical kinetics based on quantum chemistry, and for demonstrating their accuracy and utility, thereby transforming reaction engineering.”

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. William H. Green, Jr.

The Energy and Sustainability Award

Sponsored by Air Products, this award recognizes accomplishments in energy savings, improved sustainability of chemical processes, or development of innovative technologies for efficient energy generation. This year's recipient is The 3M Cool Roofing Granules Team, accepted by Rebecca Everman.

Rebecca Everman, 3M winning team rep (center), with Juan de Pablo, and Air Product's Roger Whitley (right).

"The 3M Cool Roofing Granules Team invented and commercialized granules the keep solar energy from absorbing into roofs, saving energy, and reducing urban heating."

Learn more about this award.

The Lawrence B. Evans Award in Chemical Engineering Practice

This award recognizes outstanding chemical engineering contributions in the industrial practice of the profession through manufacturing, research and development, management, or business leadership practices. The award is endowed by the AIChE Foundation with support from CACHE Corporation. This year’s award recipient is Dr. John M. Wassick, Supply Chain Technology Fellow, Dow. 

Dr. John M. Wassick (center) with Juan de Pablo and RPI's B. Wayne Bequette (right).

“For converting cutting-edge process systems engineering research to industrial practice, and for leading academic research to tackle important problems in the process industries.” 

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. John M. Wassick

The Industrial Progress Award

The Industrial Progress Award recognizes significant contributions to industrial practice by an individual working in industries served by chemical engineers. The selection of this early-career award is based on the impact of the contributions, the magnitude of the challenges involved, and innovation and creativity.

This year’s Industrial Progress Award is presented to Dr. Bindu Krishnan, Technical Leader, DOW.

Dr. Bindu Krishnan with  Juan de Pablo.

“For accomplishments in the development and commercialization of innovative, environmentally friendly automotive and industrial products, coupled with her passion for diversity and inclusion.”          

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Bindu Krishnan.

The Industry Leadership Award

This award recognizes individuals or teams working in the industries served by chemical engineers, for leadership and accomplishment in activities including: management; sales and marketing; public, community, and industrial relations; commercial and business development; training; or public service. This year's recipient is Dr. Cristina U. Thomas, Senior Technical Leader and R&D Global Process Owner, 3M.

Dr. Cristina Thomas with  Juan de Pablo.

“For her leadership in pioneering computational materials modeling in industry to launch innovative products, and for her steadfast support for building bridges with national laboratories and academia.”      

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Cristina U. Thomas

Industrial Research and Development Award

This award recognizes individuals or teams working in the industries served by chemical engineers, for innovation that has resulted in the successful commercial development of new products and/or new processes for making useful products. This year's award recipient is Dr. Mary T. am Ende, Vice President of Process Development, Lyndra Therapeutics. 

Dr. Mary T. am Ende with Juan de Pablo.

“For exceptional contributions to pharmaceutical engineering, including drug development, scale-up, Quality by Design, design space verification, unique process optimizations for dry granulation, and film-coating atomization modeling.”              

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Mary T. am Ende.

The Institute Award for Excellence in Industrial Gases Technology

Sponsored by Praxair, this award was established in 1993 and recognizes sustained excellence in contributing to the advancement of technology in the production, distribution, and application of industrial gases. This year's recipient is Dr. Michael Baldea, Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Michael Baldea with Juan de Pablo.

“For fundamental contributions and industrial applications in the mathematical modeling, process design, and operational optimization of industrial gas production systems.”

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Michael Baldea.

The Andreas Acrivos Award for Professional Progress in Chemical Engineering

This award is endowed by the AIChE Foundation and recognizes outstanding progress in chemical engineering by an AIChE member during his or her early career. This year’s honoree is Dr. Michael S. Strano, Carbon P. Dubbs Professor of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

 Dr. Michael S. Strano with Juan de Pablo.

“For advancing the understanding and application of nanotechnology to engineer new technologies in diagnostics, molecular scale separation, and energy conversion.” 

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Michael S. Strano.

The Award for Service to Society

This award recognizes outstanding contributions by a chemical engineer to community service and to the solution of socially oriented problems. The awardee’s contributions emphasize a concern for the common good, willingness to give time and comfort, and the ability to draw together varied resources to solve problems. 

The 2019 award is presented to Dr. Gilda Barabino, Daniel & Frances Berg Professor and Dean, The City College of New York.

 Dr. Gilda Barabino with Juan de Pablo.

“For life contributions to educational programs for a diverse group of chemical, biological, and medical engineers, and for mentoring and professional development programs for women and minorities that have benefitted engineers nationwide.”

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Gilda Barabino.

The Allan P. Colburn Award for Excellence in Publications by a Young Member of the Institute

Sponsored by E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, The Allan P. Colburn Award is the second-oldest award of AIChE and was established in 1945. It is given to encourage excellence in publications by a younger member of the Institute. This year's award went to Dr. Elizabeth Sattely, Associate Professor, Stanford University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Dr. Elizabeth Sattely (center) with Juan de Pablo and DuPont's sponsor representative, Keith Hutchenson (right).

“For groundbreaking work in the metabolic engineering of plants and its applications to novel bioprocess development.”   

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Elizabeth Sattely.

The Warren K. Lewis Award 

Sponsored by ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company, this award recognizes distinguished and continuing contributions to chemical engineering education. This year's winner is Dr. Robert H. Davis, Professor and Dean Emeritus, University of Colorado Boulder.

Dr. Robert H. Davis (center) with Chair of Awards Selection Subcommittee Juan de Pablo and ExxonMobil's Douglas Kushnerick (right).

“For excellence in the classroom teaching of transport and biotechnology, dedication to student mentoring, and outstanding leadership as Department Chair and College Dean.”        

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. Robert H. Davis

The William H. Walker Award

Sponsored by John Wiley & Sons, this award recognizes excellence in contributions to chemical engineering literature. This year the Walker Award winner is Dr. George Georgiou, Professor, The University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. George Georgiou and Juan de Pablo.

“For seminal contributions to biological engineering, protein structure, metabolic engineering, and new molecular drug design that have had a profound impact in modern chemical engineering, molecular biosciences, and medical biotechnology.”    

Learn more about this award. Learn more about Dr. George Georgiou.

Juan de Pablo brought the ceremony to a close with congratulations to the recipients and encouragment for new nominations for next year. Feel free to congratulate our recipients in the comments section below or on Twitter using #AIChEAnnual.

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