Plant Operations

Rx for Pharma

Critical Issues
Girish Malhotra, P.E.
Chemical engineers could hold the key that helps pharmaceutical companies — facing pressure to control rising drug prices and competition from generics — reduce their manufacturing costs.

Improve and Maintain Cooling Tower Efficiency

Heat Transfer
James L. Willa
Changing maintenance and/or operating procedures can significantly increase cooling tower performance without major capital expenditures. Here are some tips for ensuring proper design and operation of major tower components.

Don't Get Burned Picking Dry-Type Flame Arresters

Fluids and Solids Handling
Stanley G. Grossel
These commonly used devices rely on an internal medium to extinguish flame fronts and take the punch out of shock waves, protecting piping, equipment and personnel. Selecting such equipment involves considering the probable type of combustion,...

Avoid Problems in Process Water Systems

Heat Transfer
Marilyn W. Blaschke, Roger D. Metzler
Prevent corrosion, emulsification and fouling by implementing these operational and chemical measures.

Use Oxygen to Improve Combustion and Oxidation

Reactions and Separations
Nancy C. Easterbrook, Timothy D. Lebrecht, Reed J. Hendershot
Substituting oxygen for air is often a low-cost, easy-to-implement option that can reduce capital costs, lower emissions, and improve process flexibility and reliability.

Safely Handle Powdered Solids

Fluids and Solids Handling
Daniel E. Silva, Russell Kahn, Stanley S. Grossel, Robert Zalosh
Understand some of the accident scenarios that result in dust explosions, and follow these suggestions for preventing them.

Examining X-Ray Technology

Fluids and Solids Handling
Ray Spurgeon
Use X-ray inspection to see whether your product is contaminant-free and packaged properly.

Principles and Case Studies of Simultaneous Design

September, 2011
There are many comprehensive design books, but none of them provide a significant number of detailed economic design examples of typically complex industrial processes. Most of the current design books cover a wide variety of topics associated with process design. In addition to discussing...

Problem Solving for Process Operators and Specialists

April, 2011
This book provides methods to train process operators to solve challenging problems. The book is split into two parts. The first part consists of two parts; first developing a daily monitoring system and second providing a structured 5 step problem solving approach that combines cause and effect...

Pump Wisdom: Problem Solving for Operators and Specialists

April, 2011
An accessible guide to the main reasons pumps fail—and what can be done about it Workhorses in many different industries, including the oil industry, water industry, chemical industry, food industry, and pharmaceutical industry to name a few, pumps are a vital contributor to maintaining and...

LNG Risk Based Safety: Modeling and Consequence Analysis

March, 2010
The expert, all-inclusive guide on LNG risk based safety. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is the condensed form of natural gas achieved by cryogenic chilling. This process reduces gas to a liquid 600 times smaller in volume than it is in its original state, making it suitable for economical global...
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