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Society for Biological Engineering (SBE)

SBE is a global technological community that promotes the integration of engineering with biology and realize its benefits through bioprocessing, biomedical, and biomolecular applications. SBE provides opportunities for interaction of engineers and scientists, develops products and services bring value to the broad biological engineering community, and infuses awareness of biological engineering among all functions and activities of AIChE.

Forest Bioproducts Division (FBP)

The Forest Bioproducts Division promotes knowledge sharing and networking on topics dealing with products obtained from forest resources and other lignocellulosic materials.

Pyrolysis Vapors Upgrading Using Metal Oxides

AIChE Annual Meeting
Oct 17, 2011
Pyrolysis Vapors Upgrading using Metal Oxides Ayman M. Karim 1 , Donghai Mei 1 , Vanessa Lebarbier 1 , Changjun Liu 1,2 and Yong Wang 1,2 1 Pacific...

Building a Better Biofuel Production Platform

AIChE Annual Meeting
Oct 17, 2011
Building a Better Biofuel Production Platform: Engineering metabolic control techniques to control the photosynthetic cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp...

Wood Pellets Self-Heating During Storage

AIChE Annual Meeting
Oct 17, 2011
Accidental fires in wood pellets silos happen frequently in the last five years. Experiments were carried out in this work at temperature range of...

Engineering and Health Care

SBE Webinar
May 16, 2011
Dr. Langer discusses the involvement of engineering in health care, from the discovery of the first angiogenesis inhibitors to the development of...

Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology

March, 2009
The genomic revolution has opened up systematic investigations and engineering designs for various life forms. Systems biology and synthetic biology are emerging as two complementary approaches, which embody the breakthrough in biology and invite application of engineering principles. Systems...

Success and Prospects in Bioengineering

AIChE Annual Meeting
Nov 16, 2008
Chemical engineers have always played an important role in the development of biotechnology. From the first efforts to effectively produce penicillin...

Using Genomic Tools to Improve the Production of Biologics

SBE Special Section
Nitya M. Jacob, Wei-Shou Hu, Bernard Liat Wen Loo, and Miranda Yap , Wei-Shou Hu
Recombinant DNA technology transforms mammalian cells into factories for protein-based therapeutics. New techniques provide chemical engineers with a better understanding of the process as well as the cells themselves.

SBE Special Section - Industrial Biotechnology

SBE Special Section
June Wispelwey
Student Chapters Have Arrived! SBE Frontier Tutorial Second Bioengineering and Nanotech Conference Michael Shuler Wins Inaugural James E. Bailey Award Fishing Out Unusual DNA Enzyme is Linked to Neurological Disease

Recombinant Protein Therapeutics from CHO Cells -- 20 Years and Counting

SBE Special Section
Karthik P. Jayapal, Katie F Wlaschin, Wei-Shou Hu and Miranda G. S. Yap , Wei-Shou Hu
The CHO cell is at its height of technological prominence thanks to its adaptability to various culture conditions and plasticity in the context of genetic alterations. With further research, the application ofCell Culture Strategies based on...

Engineering a Better Way to Heal Broken Bones

SBE Special Section
Matthew B. Murphy
Integrating mesenchymal stem cells and biomaterials shows promise for treating traumatic skeletal injuries via bone tissue engineering.

Producing Fuels and Chemicals from Lignocellulosic Biomass

SBE Special Section
Mark Holtzapple, Rocio Sierra, Aaron Smith, Cesar Granda and Mark T. Holtzapple
As oil and natural gas prices rise, lignocellulosic biomass becomes a viable feedstock for the fuel and chemical industries— provided key issues are addressed.

CEP: News Update

News Update
Updates Include: The Natural Gas Debate Continues Smart Material Stays Cool in the Heat Firefly-Semiconductor Hybrid Lights Up Ionic Liquid Improves Hydrogen-Producing Catalyst One-Pot Synthesis Yields Zeolites at Bargain Prices High-Carbon Diet...

Developing Cell Therapy Biomanufacturing Processes

SBE Special Section
Jon A. Rowley
Establishing scalable technology platforms that allow for varying levels of production throughout the different stages of clinical testing can minimize process development timelines, drug-comparability risks, and — ultimately — costs.

Applications in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering

SBE Special Section
Ali Khademosseini, Robert Langer
Nanotechnology is an emerging field that could potentially make a major impact on human health. Nanomaterials promise to revolutionize medicine and are increasingly used in drug delivery or tissue engineering applications.

Biofiltration - A Primer

Environmental Management
Stephen  F. Adler
Use these guidelines to scale up and design biofiltration processes for the control of volatile organic compounds.

The New Disposable Evolution

SBE Special Section
Joanna Ziemlewski
Single-use systems have advanced from a limited product line to several new products for a wider range of unit operations. As these technologies evolve, new size, cost, and regulatory needs continue to fuel industry growth.
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