Separations Division (SEP)

Applying chemical engineering to separations technologies.

Chartered: 1990             Dues: $15

The SEP Division provides technical programs for meetings with coverage of a variety of currently used and novel methods of separation. Division members can exchange knowledge of technical publications, computer programs, databases, separation research centers, networks and programs. SEP keeps members informed of future separations meetings and plans exchanges with other groups. In addition, the group encourages chemical engineering educators to place emphasis on the field of separations and on the development of appropriate course materials through research, development, and application.

The Separations Division  election will be taking place from October 13, 2014 to October 26, 2014.

You can cast your vote online at:

You can review each candidate’s biography by clicking on his or her name. Once you have made your selection(s), remember to click “Vote”.
You will be voting for:  One
Second Vice Chair (2015), Two Directors (2015-2019), One Secretary (2015) and  One Treasurer (2015)

If you have any problems accessing the ballot, please contact Diane Cappiella at AIChE at the following email address:

The 2014 Separations Division Award Winners have been announced!  Please see the attached pdf for details:


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