Process Safety Competency

Developing, sustaining, and enhancing the organization’s process safety competency is one of five elements in the RBPS pillar of committing to process safety. Resources in this section relate to what process safety competency means, the attributes of process safety competency, and how organizations might enhance their own competency. Start by reading an Introduction to Process Safety Competency and then explore the resources listed below.

Has PSI Become a Data Management Nightmare?

Sponsored Webinar
Mar 26, 2014
This webinar addresses the importance of Process Safety Information (PSI) and PSI management, the potential limitations associated with PSI...

Recognizing Catastrophic Incident Warning Signs in the Process Industries

November, 2011
This book provides guidance on characterizing, recognizing, and responding to warning signs to help avoid process incidents and injuries before they occur. The guidance can be used by both process safety management (PSM) professionals in evaluating their processes and PSM systems as well as for...

Mechanical Integrity - State of the Art

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 28, 2009
This session presents papers on the latest mechanical integrity concepts, practices and programs. All aspects of mechanical integrity are covered,...

Process Safety - Management or Leadership?

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 3, 2012
Process Safety Management is often presented as technically complex, requiring a large staff of engineers and specialists with an array of tools and...

An Introduction to Assessing Process Hazards

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 3, 2012
A surprising number of process incidents occur due to a lack of general understanding of process hazards and lack of basic hazards assessment,...

Auto Refrigeration and Metal Embrittlement

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 3, 2012
Abstract AIChE Housten Conference April 1-4 2012 Loss Of Containment Protection Auto Refrigeration and Metal Embrittlement Tys Koerts Sr. Process...

Social HAZOP At Oil Refine Industry

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 2, 2012
Introduction Maintenance of process safety in the industry several tools are used such as Risk Analysis, Failure mode and events Analysis (FMEA), a...

Are Your Credits Worthy?

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 2, 2012
Chemical and petrochemical manufacturing processes can be subject to high consequence, low frequency events. Process Safety Management programs are...

Stability Analysis of Safety Valve

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Mar 22, 2010
The stability for a safety valve was investigated by experiments and analysis. It was found that the dynamic instability was caused by the...

Human Performance Training

Global Congress on Process Safety
Mar 13, 2011
Operator competency has been a major challenge for the petrochemical and refining industry for decades. In recent times, human factors are believed...

Managing Organizational Change

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 29, 2009
Management of Change has long been recognized as a fundamental cornerstone of a process safety program. Through the years, most companies have...

Implementing PSM Globally

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 27, 2009
In the last several years there have been numerous changes in technical and analytical methods, process safety management systems, regulations,...
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