RAPID @ AIChE Annual 2023

RAPID Members are cordially invited to attend AIChE's 2023 Annual Meeting taking place in Orlando, FL November 5-10.

RAPID will be hosting a number of events during Annual including the 3rd ChemE Cube Competition, a RAPID Mixer & Poster Session, as well as a number of technical sessions - see the full list of events below and attend by registering for the AIChE Annual Meeting.

*All events will take place at Hyatt Regency Orlando

2023 AIChE Annual Meeting Info

Monday, November 6


ChemE Cube Competition @ Windemere Ballroom

Now Accepting Volunteers


31 Poster Session: Decarbonization by Electrification @ Regency Ballroom R/S


RAPID Mixer/Poster Session

Accepting Poster Abstracts until October 9 October 20!

Tuesday, November 7


133 Decarbonization by Electrification @ Regency Ballroom O


222 Decarbonization by Electrification: Reactors & Reactions 1 @ Regency Ballroom O


292 Decarbonization by Electrification: Reactors & Reactions 2 @ Regency Ballroom O


EPIXC Panel and Roundtable Discussion @ Windermere Ballroom W

Wednesday, November 8


101 PI & Mod Mfg: Modeling and Simulation @ Celebration 16

344 Decarbonization by ELectrification: Reactors & Reactions 3 @ Regency Ballroom O


189 PI & Mod Mfg: Intensified Process Fundamentals @ Celebration 16

391 Decarbonization by Electrification: Separations @ Regency Ballroom O


34 PI & Mod Mfg: Intensified Reaction and Separation Processes @ Celebration 16

432 Decarbonization by Electrification: Systems & Policy @ Regency Ballroom O

Upcoming Events