RAPIDxDIPPR DEPLOY Batch-To-Continuous: From Physical Properties to Process Design


March 23-24, 2024 | Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans, LA

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Enter intrigued and focused. Leave energized with new connections and empowered to deploy new ideas.

The RAPID DEPLOY Conference Series offers attendees an exclusive opportunity to engage in a mixture of invited talks and active workshop-style sessions culminating in a synthesis activity and an actionable report out. In partnership with the Design Institute for Physical Properties (DIPPR®), the sixth in the series will focus on the use of physical properties for process design, particularly to enable transforming specialty chemical processes from batch to continuous. The meeting will focus on how to approach the measurement and predictive modeling of physical properties as a basis to use modern process simulation tools to design continuous processes. Particular emphases will be placed on addressing reactor operations and exploring industrial experience with the goal of bringing awareness of the tools, techniques, and methods available and how they can bring you and your process added value.

Join us on March 23-24, 2024 in New Orleans as we explore:

  • Measuring and estimating physical properties
  • Use of physical properties and models for process design
  • Application to reaction modeling and experimentation, and survey of novel intensified unit operations.
  • Industrial experiences of developing continuous processes
  • RAPID Roadmapping Workshop: Batch To Continuous Processing

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What to Expect 


  • Collaborate with experts in the field and process industry colleagues to discuss challenges and opportunities associated with digitalizing processes.
  • Participate in a hands-on demonstrations.
  • Share technologies and opportunities for collaboration through an attendee lightning round
  • Connect and network with invited attendees throughout the event with ample networking time during brainstorming sessions, breaks, lunch, and the DEPLOY Reception (food and beverages included)
  • Take action with the complimentary copy of the DEPLOY conference report-out.

RAPID Roadmapping Workshop: Batch To Continuous Processing

RAPID is entering a new phase of development with a focus on decarbonization through modular intensified processing (MCPI) and adjacent advanced manufacturing technologies. During the RAPIDxDIPPR DEPLOY Batch-to-Continuous roadmapping session, participants will be guided through a facilitated process to identify the key barriers that must be addressed to transform batch processes to continuous. Small groups will work together to identify and prioritize these barriers to bring forward the highest impact challenges; these will set the path for Research Development & Demonstration. This is a great opportunity to network with peers and colleagues and play a key role in moving the needle for batch-to-continuous processing.


  • Glenn Cormack: Global Process Innovation Manager at Lubrizol
  • Alex Repucci: Manufacturing Technology Specialist at 3M
  • Michael Call: Process Modeling Consultant at Lubrizol
  • Jeff Smith: Principal Chemical Engineer at Eastman Chemical Company
  • Thomas Knotts: Professor of Chemical Engineering at Brigham Young University
  • Jack Dever: Chief Technology Officer at AVN Corporation
  • Cheryl Teich: Teich Process Development LLC

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Technical Program 

 Day 1  Physical Properties    
 8:30-9:00  Check-In and Coffee Badge Pick-up Location: Compass Room (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
 9:00-9:30  Intro  Setting the Stage RAPID & DIPPR representatives
 9:30-10:15  Keynote  Industrial Importance of Physical Property Data (particularly for B2C)

Glenn Cormack(Lubrizol)

Alex Repucci(3M)

 10:15-11:00  Talk w/ Q&A  What do you need to get started? How do you get what you need?  Michael Call (Lubrizol)
 11:00-11:15 Coffee Break    
 11:15-12:00  Talk w/ Q&A  Physical Properties Lessons Learned  Jeff Smith (Eastman)
 12:00-1:00  Lunch    
 1:00-1:45  Panel Discussion/Q&A  Measuring Physical Properties

Louis Jasperson (Wiltec)

Others TBA

 1:45-2:15 Lightning Rounds Software Company Lightning Rounds

Joannah Otashu (Siemens PSE)

Shu Wang (Aspentech)

Others TBA

 2:15-2:30  Coffee Break  
 2:30-3:15 Talk/Discussion  What's New? What's Coming? What do you do if you're a small company without advanced simulation packages?  Tommy Knotts (BYU)
 3:15-3:30  Talk w/ Q&A  How to apply physical properties to process design  John Stueve (Shepherd)
 4:00-6:00   Off-site Reception Muriel's Jackson Square  
 Day 2  Process Design    
 8:30-9:00  Check-In and Coffee   Location: Compass Room (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
 9:00-9:30  Intro  Setting the Stage: Connecting Day 1 and Day 2 RAPID & DIPPR representatives
 9:30-10:15  Talk w/ Q&A  How do you get started? Reaction Modeling & Reaction Experimentation Goetz Veser (Pitt)
 10:15-10:45 Coffee Break    
 10:45-11:30  Talk w/ Q&A  So You Want to Go Continuous Cheryl Teich (Teich Process Development LLC)
 12:00-1:00  Lunch     
 1:00-2:00  Panel Discussion/ Q&A Developing a continuous process: an industrial perspective The Process from Data to P&ID Paul Witt, Dow 

Jack Dever, AVN Corporation 

Jack Reese, Covestro

Jeremy West, Corning
 2:00-2:15 Coffee Break    
 2:15-4:15 RAPID Roadmapping Workshop: Batch To Continuous Processing  Facilitated workshop  

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Local Accommodation Information 

Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Two Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA

AIChE has negotiated special room rates for the Hilton New Orleans Riverside

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Single Room Rate - $265

Rates Valid - March 20 - March 30

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Registration Rates 

Early Bird rates end February 26, 2024

Attendee  Early Bird   Regular On-Site
RAPID & DIPPR Members  $745  $795  $845 
Employees of RAPID Affiliates  $795  $845  $895 
AMPS Members  $825  $875  $925 
AIChE Members  $845  $895  $945 
Non-Members $895  $945  $995 

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If you also plan to attend the AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety, it will take place at the same location from March 24-28, 2024. Note that registration is separate.

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