Henry Brown on the Future of Chemical Engineering Education

Henry Brown is one of the original advocates for under-represented minority chemical engineers in AIChE. He co-created AIChE's first outreach initiatives for under-represented chemical engineers and held the position of AIChE's Minority Affairs Coordinator from 1983 through 2001. To pay lasting tribute to Henry's pioneering leadership and mentorship to the under-represented community for nearly five decades, the AIChE Foundation and Minority Affairs Committee (MAC) have renamed the MAC Endowment Fund in honor of Henry T. Brown

The Henry T. Brown Endowment for the Education of Under-Represented Minority Chemical Engineers is a global effort to promote greater inclusiveness in AIChE and the profession by providing an endowment to support, in perpetuity, the education and training of future minority chemical engineers. The endowment will provide a reliable and secure source of funding for the MAC Scholarship Program. Each gift to the Brown Endowment Fund creates new opportunities, year after year, for brilliant young minds to power the future. 

This endowment is a part of AIChE's efforts to Attract and Retain the Best and the Brightest, one of five "Doing a World of Good" campaign priorities that will advance the chemical engineering profession for decades to come.  

AIChE's Gordon Ellis sat down with him to discuss the endowment and the future of chemical engineering education. Hear his thoughts in the video interview above.


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To learn more, get involved, and/or make a contribution to support the Henry T. Brown Endowment For The Education Of Underrepresented Minority Chemical Engineers, please contact Stephanie Viola, Development Director, at stepv@aiche.org or call 646-495-1342.

All donors will be recognized as part of our “Founding Members” of the Endowment Fund and recognized nationally each year by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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