Ecolab Joins AIChE to Advance Safety and Inclusion in the Chemical Engineering Profession

Ecolab, a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services joined the AIChE Foundation’s Doing a World of Good campaign as a Founders’ Circle member, to support two campaign transformative priorities.

Ecolab will help underwrite the expansion of AIChE’s Undergraduate Process Safety Learning Initiative, a global effort ensuring that all chemical engineering students entering the workforce possess a working knowledge of process safety principles —  an area of instruction currently underdeveloped in most undergraduate chemical engineering curricula.

As an early leader of the campaign’s most recent industry priority All for Good: Engineering for Inclusion, Ecolab is collaborating with AIChE to address the unique challenges women and other underrepresented groups face in the workforce. Through Ecolab’s partnership with AIChE and other industry leaders, AIChE is developing a coordinated range of programs from the classroom to the boardroom and in between to attract and retain the best engineering talent from all backgrounds.

In announcing AIChE’s partnership with Ecolab, AIChE Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer June Wispelwey acknowledged the company for sharing AIChE’s vision of a chemical engineering profession that champions diversity and inclusion as one of its bedrock principles. “Chemical engineering has always been at the forefront in welcoming underrepresented and underserved groups,” said Wispelwey. “However, there is much more we can accomplish and so much more for the STEM professions to gain by incorporating the contributions of the widest possible community of problem-solvers, thinkers, and innovators.”

Ecolab’s leadership involvement in AIChE is headed by Global Vice President of Engineering and Sustainability, Delia Contreras. Delia sits on the CCPS Board of Advisors and is a member of the AIChE Foundation’s Corporate Council.

Partnering to Solve Global Challenges

Ecolab has a long-standing commitment to corporate responsibility and global citizenship. The company’s dedication to making the world safer, cleaner and healthier has been consistently recognized by many organizations for its innovation, service and commitment to operating responsibly. For the past five consecutive years, Ecolab has been in the top 10 ranking on Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens List.

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