Dow’s ongoing dedication to Doing a World of Good

Demonstrating their commitment to safety and ethical practice, on June 10 - 13th, 2019, Dow hosted a highly successful three-day workshop to train faculty members from Universities across the country how process safety is put into industrial practice. The workshop was held at their Midland, MI headquarters and provided educators a front row seat to the process-safety challenges industry face in the design and operation of a chemical plant, along with the approaches they take to ensure the safety of all.

Since 2016, Dow has helped lead efforts to better educate the next generation of engineers through the Undergraduate Process Safety Learning Initiative. They’ve hosted four faculty workshops to educate faculty in process safety, been instrumental in developing our SAChE curriculum and joined us at student boot camps to bring these learnings to college campuses. Since initiating our faculty workshops, we’ve educated over 450 faculty members in process safety education so that students are better prepared for their careers in industry.

The workshop featured breakout groups, plant tours, real-life examples and tools faculty can use to incorporate process safety into their existing chemical engineering curriculum.

The Dow Faculty workshop is consistently one of the highest rated. 

"I am really grateful to AIChE and to the companies for putting these on." -Helen Durand, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University

“It was rewarding to sit with the faculty and hear how they plan to work process safety concepts into their coursework.  Given their ideas and the richness of process safety teaching materials currently available, the new challenge is: Why not include process safety in every undergraduate exercise and homework assignment?  We are confident the Doing a World of Good initiative is resulting in ever-improving process safety awareness by new chemical engineering graduates.” - Duncan Rose, Dow Chemical Global Hazard Evaluation Subject Matter Expert and AIChE Faculty Workshop Facilitator

Dow is a Founders’ Circle Campaign Benefactor, whose early leadership support is helping to advance the safe and responsible practice of chemical engineering and shape the future of the profession.

Doing a World of Good Through Safety and Ethical Practice

AIChE’s Doing a World of Good campaign is a 5-year, $15 million effort that brings together industry, academia and AIChE’s more than 60,000 members in more than 110 countries to collectively advance chemical engineering and bring that expertise to bear in addressing societal needs.

The Undergraduate Process Safety Learning Initiative is a major global effort and core campaign priority to accelerate process safety education and better prepare graduates for the workforce.

To learn more on how your company or University can get involved, please contact, Lisa Lanzkowsky, Chief Development Officer at

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