The Community of Process Engineers’ Evolution thanks to Scott & Karen Love

Scott Love began his career as a process engineer. Although he retired as a “Fellow”, he considered himself still a process engineer. From the very beginning he was committed to learning everything there was to know about the processes for which he was responsible.

That commitment led to the decision to fund and launch the Online Community of Process Engineers in 2018. Since then, the community has proven to be a much-needed hub for process engineers from around the world to come together, collaborate and communicate via a robust online forum, including multiple conversation tracks and an opportunity to “meet” others in the industrial segment via a series of monthly profiles.

Process engineering is more than a practice, it’s a lifelong passion. This is why we worked with AIChE to showcase what process engineers bring to the table. — Scott & Karen Love

Now known as the Community of Process Engineers (CPE), its members are active at all hours of the day, sending messages, posting questions, and offering insights. Additionally, this broader integration into the AIChE Communities has extended its reach and presence across the entire membership, inviting peers and colleagues to learn more about the unique engineering acumen of a process engineer.

As the wider CPE was being developed, in March 2022, the debut Process Engineers Perspective (PEP) talk launched with Scott Love as the first speaker. Since then, six more, including Past President Deb Grubbe, have spoken and offered insights into their work as process engineers. Another episode, featuring 2008 AIChE President Dale Keairns, is scheduled for September—reserve your spot today.

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