AIChE Thanks PPG for Providing Funding for Student Grants

The Institute for Sustainability is proud to announce new grant opportunities supporting students and post-doctoral candidates to attend  2020 conferences.

These grants will provide students with the opportunity to attend the following three symposiums:  

•    Sustainable Packaging Symposium (Virtual) - June- 1st

 Grant application deadline is May 20th

   •    International Congress on Sustainability Science and Engineering –August 3-5th, University of Denver, Denver CO 

 Grant application deadline is June 31st

•    Global Symposium on Waste Plastic - October 13-14th, Rice University’s Baker Institute, Houston, TX 

 Grant application deadline is August 31st

Candidates will have the opportunity to submit research abstracts (poster or oral) along with a brief description on why they deserve the grant.  A committee will review all submissions and select grant recipients. The Institute for Sustainability encourages diversity of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other minorities to apply. The selection committee will utilize a demographic survey to ensure fair representation. Grant application and deadlines can be found on each respective link.

Grant funding is made possible thanks to the generous support from PPG. Their focus on advancing research, sustainability and innovation provides diverse students with financial assistance and the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the profession.

PPG’s generous support is part of the AIChE Foundation’s Doing a World Good campaign. The Foundation is grateful for their generosity and commitment to advance, evolve and transform the profession for good.