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Welcome to the Executive Student Committee’s website. We are the Institute’s only student-run committee, and we seek to help Student Chapters get the most out of AIChE. The ESC provides a variety of resources and programming opportunities for Student Chapter leaders. On our website, check out the ESC Officer Central to find guides, interviews, and other resources to help grow and improve your Student Chapter. You can also find on the website information about the Sister Chapter and K-12 Outreach programs and how your Student Chapter can participate in them. Receive the latest ESC resources and programming announcements directly to your inbox monthly by subscribing to the ESC newsletter

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Live Webinar on PD2M - Meet The Leader: Paul C. Collins

We cordially invite you to PD2M's live Webinar: Meet the Leader- Paul C. Collins. The link for the same is- Paul Collins is a Vice President and Senior Research Fellow in Eli Lilly and Company's Bioproduct R&D division...

Projects Around the World '23-'24

Here is announcing #ProjectsAroundTheWorld for 2023-24 , a chance for all AIChE student chapters around the globe to showcase their best activities and events! Entry link below What might include a project? 01) Seminars/Webinars 02) Talks 03) Workshops 04) Competitions , etc. What activities might...

Recent Events


International Networking Fest
Monday, October 23-25, 2023, 9:00am EDT
Posted by Himisha Tapadiya
SpEcTrOsPoOkY is a delightful multi-chapter networking extravaganza, where AIChE chapters~ AIChE-VIT, AIChE-UTEC, AIChE-UTP-SC, AIChE-NDU from around the world come together with a shared goal of fostering exposure and nurturing enriching relationships. Embracing the eerie allure of Halloween, this...Read more

Sister Chapter Week!

Thursday, August 6, 2020, 9:45am GMT
Posted by Rohit Goswami
EVENTS 1) Video Reactions Objective: Sharing the cultures of the various Student Chapters and as a fun event, also enjoy and make the bonding stronger. Rules: Each sister chapter represents one team; Each sister chapter has to share famous and funny scenes or videos that were made in that country...Read more

Recent Activity

The Binding Undertones Of A Movie Reel

Posted by Nimish Khandelwal on
Pritha Jain The global movie industry is roughly valued at around millions of dollars, but when broken down to the initial commodity that started it all, the answer is all but one word: ‘chemicals’. Initially, the film industry used a multitude of chemical compounds like photo developing agents...Read more

Whispers Of The Killer's Canvas

Posted by Nimish Khandelwal on
Arin Saha Failure. Twenty years with the same word repeatedly. Me and my team have tried every method possible to get a hold of the man who continues to haunt people’s sleep. When I got into this line of work, I envisoned it to be a smooth one victory after another. I dreamed of being the hero I...Read more

Exploring The New Dimensions Of Sustainability

Posted by Nimish Khandelwal on
Shivam Pathak Typically, sustainability is viewed as a framework for developing economic and social policies that are in harmony with environmental considerations. The traditional definition of sustainability remains disputed for certain cases; thus a fresh conceptual framework is required to solve...Read more

Deep Learning

Posted by Nimish Khandelwal on
Sahil Pani Over the years deep learning has emerged as a game changing field within the broader scope of artificial intelligence (AI). This advanced technology has made its way into applications ranging from recognizing images and understanding language to powering self-driving cars and aiding in...Read more

Duplication Digest Of Cloning

Posted by Nimish Khandelwal on
Prerit Sachdev Gene moderations have been a part of the scientific community from 1973, changing the course of human evolution altogether. Evolving not only from scratch but also evolving their environment in the process as well. Being the closest to chimpanzee, the homo sapiens have always showed...Read more

The Tale Of Glowing Battalions

Posted by Nimish Khandelwal on
Anushka Darda Science and miracles have been at a tug-of-war since the beginning of time. In matters of death, miracles are invariably victorious. Nature, however, never fails to astonish mankind. The battlefield of Shiloh experienced one such scientific miracle. The battle was the bloodiest one in...Read more