International Networking Fest
Monday, October 23-25, 2023, 9:00am EDT
Event format: 
Virtual / Online
Posted by Himisha Tapadiya


SpEcTrOsPoOkY is a delightful multi-chapter networking extravaganza, where AIChE chapters~ AIChE-VIT, AIChE-UTEC, AIChE-UTP-SC, AIChE-NDU from around the world come together with a shared goal of fostering exposure and nurturing enriching relationships. Embracing the eerie allure of Halloween, this event promises to awaken the creative spirits within the participants and encourage unconventional thinking. In the spirit of the cherished trick-or-treat tradition, the initial round involves enigmatic codes and ciphers designed to challenge participants' grasp of STEM fundamentals. A single misstep might lead them down a captivating rabbit hole. The second round, a thrilling team-based competition, will be a grand showcase of creativity and spontaneity—a true Halloween showdown not to be missed. 

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Event Details:-

  • Round 1:


The Preliminary Round is a specially concocted quiz that is sure to shake out the cobwebs on your brain. Bring out your inner witch as participants solve various colourful codes and ciphers related to the wonders of chemistry in a race against time to finish the master code, only to find themselves utterly bewitched and bamboozled by the enigma that is science.


  1. Each participant would be attempting the quiz individually. Group participation is discouraged.
  2. The participant is required to answer all the questions and use the clues to fill out a specific code that will generate a tiny-URL and take them to a small trick-or-treat surprise.
  3. The participants with all the correct answers will obtain the code required to clear the round.
  4. Participants should ensure a proper network connection at all times.
  5. In case of discrepancies, the time taken to complete the round will be used as the tie-breaking criteria.
  • Round 2:


The Second Round is all about passion and creativity as the participants will put their innovative and artistic thinking to the test. They will have to break boundaries and collaborate with counterparts from across the globe to combine their ideas into the ultimate tapestry of flair, panache and brilliance. With a tournament style showdown against teams, each team will have to walk the thin line of not making it easy for their rivals and not making it a potluck of misfortunes.


  1. Teams will be divided into 4 groups, namely group A, B, C and D, consisting of 4 teams each. Each team will be given a topic and will have to make a Dream Board of pictures on the topic.
  2. At each checkpoint the 4 teams will guess the topic of the other 3 teams in their group by looking at their dream board in order to get points. After each checkpoint new topics will be given.
  3. The pictures can either be made by hand or using Photoshop, Canva, etc. The Dream board should not have any images from Google or any AI generated image and should contain a regional touch or symbol/euphemism of each of the regions of the team members.
  4. For the final checkpoint/round Omega only the top team from each group will be selected.

Itinerary for SpEcTrOsPoOkY


Time (EDT)
9 am Inaugural Ceremony
10:45 am

Commencement of Round 1

(Duration - 60 mins)

11:45 am End of Round 1
12 pm  Ice Breaker Session
12:45 pm Announcement of Results
01:15 pm Commencement of Round 2


Time (EDT)
12:30 am Checkpoint-1
10 am  Checkpoint-2


Time (EDT)
12:30 am Checkpoint-3
9 am Final Checkpoint
10 am Closing Ceremony
10:30 am Announcement of Results
11 am Vote of Thanks

For more details, please refer to the event brochure:-  eventbrochure.pdf

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