ESC Portrait: Parth Patel

Posted by Rohit Goswami on

ESC Portraits offer insights into the lives and minds of our current members.

Parth Patel is the Programming Director of the ESC and Vice President of AIChE Ahmedabad University Student Chapter.

What was your introduction to AIChE?

My name is Parth Patel currently pursing Chemical Engineering from Ahmedabad University, India. I started my AIChE venture just after joining Ahmedabad University. I was a sanguine student, as I have completed my school life successfully and now stepping up in the graduation world where I will get opportunities to come much closer to accomplish my dreams. It was the first year for both me and AIChE student chapter at Ahmedabad University in year 2018. I was considering myself fortunate to be part of AIChE in my absolute first year. I generally needed to accomplish something extraordinary that would be out of the book and this chapter had given me a platform to show up my skills and leadership qualities. I was very anxious to know about AIChE and its functioning; one of my seniors who was a member of the ESC and founding member of AIChE Ahmedabad University chapter, shared all the information about “what actually AIChE is” to me. Since then, I have been an essential part of the event executive committee and an active member of my chapter. I had helped my committee throughout the year in executing numerous events. We had organised many cultural, sports and technical events consistently throughout the year. We had also planned few industrial visits so that our students could understand diverse industrial problems in a superior manner.

What was the journey to Programming Director like?

I was recognized by my seniors and Executive Board of AIChE Ahmedabad University; they have decided to nominate me for the next election as an Events Head. Their trust and my hard work effectively helped me on becoming the new Events Head of Ahmedabad University Student Chapter in the year 2019-20. Further, I was selected in K-12 Outreach Subcommittee of AIChE Executive Student Committee (ESC) (2019-20) which gave me a chance to associate with other Executive student committee members and leaders of other student chapters at Regional Student Conference 2019. I guess that was the defining moment of my life being selected in ESC in my first year. Lately, the Executive Board of Ahmedabad University had selected me as a K-12 Coordinator (2019-20) to carry out the outreach programs. 

As a result of my hard work, I have received AIChE Freshmen Recognition Award (2018-19) on the recommendation by our Faculty Advisor, Professor Snigdha Khuntia for my most dynamic contribution toward the chapter in freshman year. Taking a gander at my work throughout the year in the ESC K-12 Outreach Subcommittee, members of the Executive Student Committee had elected me as a Programming Director of AIChE Executive Student Committee (2020-21). Subsequent to setting up this work, Ahmedabad University student chapter members came to the decision to make me as a Vice President for the term 2020-21. Recently, because of all the hard work and the recognition, I also received 2020 AIChE International Student Chapter leadership development Award.

What are the functions of the position?

Being Programming Director of AIChE ESC, I am responsible for four Programming Subcommittee i.e. Conference Experience, K-12 Outreach, Publication and Sister Chapter Subcommittee. I had personally worked intimately with all four Programming Subcommittees to make sure all the work is carried out in a superior manner and help all the chapters around the world to get all the necessary information about AIChE and various initiative like K-12 Outreach and Sister Chapter Program. Year 2019-20 was the formulation year for all Programming Subcommittee and obviously, as it was the principal year for all the Subcommittee, it was not easy for everyone to get started with the work and because of that reason; subcommittee was not that much livelier, so I figured I should go for Programming Director Position and help all the subcommittee to get them on track. Now, we are in the middle of year 2020-21 but the way all the PROGRAMMING SUBCOMMITTEE implemented the work in last couple of months, never thought it was formulated in the year 2019, it’s all because of inconceivable undertakings by all the Subcommittees Chairs and members.