AIChE Student Chapter Faculty Advisor Appreciation Week

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During the week of April 22nd, the ESC and Student Chapters celebrated the AIChE Student Chapter Faculty Advisor Appreciation Week in an effort to show our appreciation and recognition for faculty advisors. Student Chapter leaders were asked to nominate faculty advisors whose help and insight positively impacted the Student Chapter. Twelve of our favorite nominations were selected for a shout-out on ESC social media. We received dozens of nominations, and each one was such a joy to read. It was difficult to select a limited number of advisors to feature, but the true spirit of this appreciation week is to reflect and thank each AIChE Student Chapter faculty advisor for their unique contributions.

Dr. David Rockstraw, New Mexico State University

This nomination speaks for itself: "Every student ... could tell you a story about a time that Dr. Rockstraw has gone above and beyond ... to help them, and I believe he deserves every recognition for his kindness and commitment to being the best mentor he can be. View on Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Taryn Bayles, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Bayles shows constant support to the University of Pittsburgh Student Chapter, both during and outside of class, and even at graduation. Dr. Bayles personally ordered cords and sashes for AIChE members -- a physical embodiment of her support. View on Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Michael Senra, Lafayette College

Dr. Senra's work with the Lafayette College Student Chapter shows how he cares for the 'student' in 'student chapter'. He is described as “supportive, hardworking, approachable, and caring about the success and well-being of each student”. View on Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Scott Fogler, University of Michigan

With his experience as a former AIChE president and 11 years as the Student Chapter faculty advisor, Dr. Fogler was described as "extremely helpful in providing advice in tough situations". He continues to seek the best for AIChE and its student members. View on Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Sindia Rivera-Jimenez, University of Florida

Dr. Rivera is an innovative advisor for the UF Student Chapter. She has helped introduce new technologies that have aided in “marketing, sponsorship, and organizational aspects” of the chapter. Speaking of technology, she also leads Aspen HYSYS workshops! View on Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Victor Breedveld, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Breedveld was nominated for his instrumental role in the Georgia Tech Student Chapter. As the advisor, he empowers student leaders, finding a balance between providing guidance and letting them decide on a path forward. View on Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Tracy Benson, Lamar University

Dr. Benson’s open door speaks for itself. He is described as attentive and encouraging of the Lamar Student Chapter and its members. He’s also good with BBQ! View on Facebook and Twitter.

Ahmed Refaat, Cairo University

Ahmed Refaat helps the Cairo University Student Chapter to overcome any obstacle they face, whether it's a mandatory signature at 1am or to expedite the planning of events with the university. View on Facebook and Twitter.

Datta B. Dandge, MIT World Peace University, Pune

Datta B. Dandge has helped the MIT-WPU Student Chapter make the most of AIChE. He has helped through many of the chapter's endeavors: starting a Chem-E-Car team, nominating students for AIChE awards, planning for the 2019 India SRC, and more! View on Facebook and Twitter.

Ammarah Batool, UET, Lahore (KSK Campus)

Ammarah Batool has helped the UET, Lahore (KSK Campus) Student Chapter gain more active members by engaging them with industrial trips, seminars, and other modules. The Student Chapter shared that they owe a lot of their success to her. View on Facebook and Twitter.

Fakhri Hamadullah Ibrahim, Koya University

Fakhri Hamdullah Ibraheem was nominated for his efforts connecting the Koya University Student Chapter with professionals and faculty members from different universities, guiding them as AIChE's first Student Chapter in Iraq. View on Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Kim Roberts, North Carolina State University

Dr. Roberts was nominated for her role as the "bridge" between the NCSU chemical engineering department and its AIChE Student Chapter. Aside from her contributions to AIChE, students also appreciate her "friendship and guidance". View on Facebook and Twitter.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Dr. Ewerton Emmanuel da Silva Calixto, Centro Universitário SENAI CIMATEC Student Chapter
  • Dr. Matthew Liberatore, University of Toledo
  • Dr. Michael King, University of Virginia
  • Dr. Kristine Horvat, University of New Haven
  • Dr. Donald Chmielewski, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Dr Muhammad Shozab Mehdi, GIK Institute of ES&T
  • Dr. Alejandro Molina, Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Medellín

The ESC wishes to thank all Student Chapter leaders that submitted a nomination.