AIChE Sister Chapter Program Announcements

The ESC is excited to announce the formation of an ESC Sister Chapter Subcommittee, changes to the Sister Chapter program, and updated requirements for its participation.

Formation of an ESC Sister Chapter Subcommittee

In order to better assist the Sister Chapter program, the ESC has recently formed a Sister Chapter Subcommittee. The new subcommittee aids in the operation of the Sister Chapter program. More specifically, the subcommittee is responsible for:

  • Promoting the Sister Chapter program
  • Improving and managing the matchmaking procedure
  • Ensuring that Sister Chapters remain engaged in activities with each other
  • Writing the ChEnected Sister Chapter Spotlights

Sister Chapter Subcommittee membership and contact information can be found online.

Changes to the Sister Chapter Program

In October 2018, the ESC conducted a series of conference calls with Sister Chapter leads to hear feedback and thoughts on the Sister Chapter program. Based on the discussions had, we are excited to announce the implementation of certain changes to the Sister Chapter program:

  • Student Chapters from any two different countries can now become Sister Chapters.
  • Moving forward, Student Chapters are limited to having one Sister Chapter at a time.
  • Additional requirements for participation have been added (more info below).

Requirements for Participation

With the new changes being implemented, there are now three requirements for participation in the Sister Chapter program:

  • Submission of the Student Chapter Annual Report
  • Reporting Sister Chapter lead changes
  • Submission of a Sister Chapter progress report every January (starting in 2020)

More information about these requirements can be found in the following Word document: 2019 Sister Chapter Program Participation Requirements. We encourage you to read the document for a full understanding of what is now required of Sister Chapters. If you have any questions, please contact us at