Earth Day 2024: Advancing Sustainability through Chemical Engineering

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) has been a champion of sustainability, promoting initiatives that integrate environmental considerations into the practice of chemical engineering. Through conferences, publications, and collaborations, AIChE has facilitated the exchange of ideas and best practices aimed at minimizing the environmental footprint of industrial processes.

As we celebrate Earth Day today, April 22nd, it’s a timely reminder of the critical role that chemical engineers play in fostering sustainability and environmental stewardship. Below are some ways you can take advantage of your AIChE membership and get involved in helping to create a sustainable future.

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Join the Environmental Division (ENV)

AIChE’s Environmental Division is a vital hub for professionals and researchers interested in environmental protection and sustainability. They organize conferences, webinars, and publications covering topics such as pollution prevention, waste management, and environmental policy.

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Participate in an Earth Day activity

Check out the Earth Day website to see the various ways you can invest in our planet to protect it for the future. Whether you want to participate in Earth Day virtually or join in a local activity, you can find a way to take action at an organized event.

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Join the Sustainable Engineering Forum (SEF)

AIChE’s Sustainable Engineering Forum (SEF) is a dedicated community focused on advancing sustainability principles in chemical engineering. Professionals can find resources, forums, and networking opportunities within SEF to enhance their knowledge and contribute to sustainable practices.

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Take a sustainability-related course

Even after Earth Day ends, you can continue doing your part by educating yourself on environmental issues. Check out the sustainability-related courses offered by AIChE Academy.

Essentials of Environmental Life Cycle Assessment
Improve the environmental profile of your company’s products and processes using life cycle assessment (LCA).
A Practical Guide to Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Thinking
This online course provides learners with a basic understanding of life cycle assessment as a method for quantifying the environmental impacts of a product or process, and how it can be used for chemical engineers and process intensification work. 
Product Stewardship
Gain new insight into the practice of product stewardship from the perspective of chemical product manufacturers.

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IfS and the AIChE Sustainability Index

The Institute for Sustainability (IfS) approaches sustainability from the perspectives of engineering and scientific disciplines with the objective of promoting the societal, economic, and environmental benefits of sustainable and green engineering.

A resource created by IfS is the AIChE Sustainability Index. This valuable tool allows companies and organizations to assess their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. It provides benchmarks and metrics to evaluate and improve sustainability efforts, aligning with Earth Day’s focus on measuring and improving environmental impact.

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AIChE Credential for Sustainability Professionals

The AIChE Credential for Sustainability Professionals (ACSP) will distinguish recipients as qualified experts in sustainability and will be supportive to those engineers who aspire to the Professional Engineering License. The program is also designed to help companies control training costs by pooling expertise and by providing readily accessible resources that have been evaluated for quality.

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Empowering the next generation

Earth Day serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of human activities and the environment. As chemical engineers, we have a responsibility to leverage our expertise and creativity to address global environmental challenges. Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.

Happy Earth Day from AIChE!